This month's meetings

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  • John Stultz
  • Shajul Abraham
  • Loïc Minier
  • John Rigby
  • Matt Waddel
  • Arnd Bergmann
  • Steve Sakoman
  • Mounir Bsaibes
  • Dave Martin
  • Paul McKenney



  • John S. worked on specs for Android items for UDS; continued work on the POSIX clock RTC interface
  • Shajul working on virtual IRQ to hardware IRQ translation in DeviceTree; works on SMDKV210

    • Got new C210 cortex-a9 boards which are meant for Linaro; working on u-boot support
    • Need to move to public u-boot tree instead of internal Samsung one
    • Has issue with SSH access
  • John R. updated the packaged kernel; first time it finally upgrades fine for him :-)

    • Working on ST-Ericsson U-Boot support; blocked on MMC maintainer upstream, but works in Linaro
    • Happy to work with upstreaming of Samsung u-boot bits
  • Matt sent U-Boot patches for Versatile Express, but got no notification yet; Wolfgang is a bit behind overall, so seems normal
  • Arnd worked on PCI support for old versatile; cleaning up headers
    • Does it make sense to implement a machine for QEMU? Arnd think it's a good idea
    • Should use Realview EB board and add PCI support; especially with DeviceTree, as the set of devices selected on the QEMU command-line can change

    • Might make sense to have a realview-qemu machine
  • Steve working on fixing last OMAP bits for -next and helping IGEP go upstream
    • Would it be much work to backport IGEP to 2010.09 release? Probably not too hard, need to revert relocation changes
  • Mounir wonders how we should prepare for UDS, whether we plan any roundtable at UDS
    • Should ping Jamie on having roundtables for each engineering unit at UDS
    • Would like to see explanations of naming of meta- and engineering-blueprints
  • Paul has been pursuing tracing of uniprocessor RCU priority boosting: statistical counters to see how well the changes perform

Review of Technical Topics

  • Need to re-merge some topics
  • Arnd wonders whether flash is encompassed in the storage performance topic; it's actually not, it's mostly about SD/MMC/eMMC filesystem performance, a bit about USB mass storage filesystem performance, and a bit about wifi over SDIO performance
  • Paul will be fleshing out some engineering blueprints starting today; Loïc will help the split starting tomorrow
    • Will schedule calls with Canadian and US people this week

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