This month's meetings

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  • Paul McKenney

  • John Stultz
  • John Rigby
  • Mounir Bsaibes
  • Steve Sakoman
  • Nicolas Pitre
  • Loïc Minier
  • Grant Likely
  • Matt Waddel
  • Arnd Bergmann
  • Dave Martin
  • David Rusling


  • Device Tree
    • Resuming discussion from last week; lack of real benefits to moticate inclusion
      • Grant doesn't want to take shortcuts to get it done
      • Grant definitely has an use case for it: Xilinx FPGA platform, already existing on powerpc and blaze; use case is that people will develop new IP on the FPGA, and the kernel will have to support random hardware; same case was made for a device tree fragment on x86, created at runtime
      • The amount of work to convert platforms to device tree makes it a non-compelling target
      • It's too early to use it in products, but there is funding and there are engineers working on it and there is real architecture value
      • Should we add DT support to legacy platforms? probably not, unless architecture maintainers are interested in moving to that when DT is stable
      • Probably wont make it in .37, maybe in .38 or .39 if Russell agrees with it
      • What timeline should we look at to deploy DT? 11.05?
      • What's the risk in merging DT? mostly machine definition could change?
      • What kernel will we ship in 11.05? will be decided at UDS, might be .37 or .38
      • DT is not production ready, we should discuss what we can do in 11.05 at UDS and Plumbers
  • Paul and Loïc will setup meetings with stakeholders of the technical topics for next cycle, including David Rusling

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