This month's meetings

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Action Items

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Action Items from Previous Meeting

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  • Round of presentations
  • Device Tree
    • gcl pulled the whole generic ARM work, the versatile patches; arch-independent work is in linux-next and will be sent to Linus when the merge window opens
    • Boot interface is final and is documented on the wiki; one minor point of disagreement between Nicolas and Jeremy about allocating machine ids
    • i.MX51 support?
      • gcl doesn't use it
      • jk not sure whether anybody is interested in it right now
        • ACTION jk to check whether it's useful to Amit (i.MX51 co-maintainer) or to Rob Herring (FSL) who seemed interested
        • ACTION jk to check whether Canonical OEM is interested in this support
        • Some work to cleanup remains; not generic right now
    • RK merged some debug macros changes for DT
    • Common clock API changes are being sent this week
  • U-boot DT support (jcrigby)

  • Summary of the sprint
    • Loic covered BSP research
    • Arnd had good chats on power management and DT during the sprint; worked on single zImage spec
    • Richard learnt a lot on DT with jk and arnd; thought how it could be marketed within TI :-) wrote some slides based on Paul's; got interesting comments from Nicolas on toolchain opts for Android, memcpy opts and such

      • ACTION Richard to talk to Michael Hope about runtime libs opts
    • ACTION Loic to get the slides from the presenters
    • John had a great sprint with good face time; finished DT stuff during the sprint
    • Matt had good chats and worked with plars to get LTP running on Versatile Express
    • Dave mostly had interesting chats and meetups
    • Guillaume wasn't at the sprint to do any developments but rathre to meet people
  • Power Mgmt WG started; people are welcome to join
  • Boot architecture WG
    • Discussed mostly at UDS
    • Lots of distros face the same problem over and over: lots of device, device variants etc.
    • Trying to come with recommended practices for hardware manufacturers, to have a good chance to boot a regular distro
    • Idea is that the WG would output
      • A set of requirements / documentation; making sure that firmware is upgradeable safely, non-safely-upgradeable software should not be upgraded; how it works until linux
      • Boot interface standard
      • Reference implementation; probably based on u-boot
    • Got a mailing-list and a wiki setup
    • Is DT a requirement? rather a strong recommendation
    • Tries to not be ARM specific; notably should cover powerpc
    • ACTION Loic to request a mailing-list
    • What about UEFI? gcl has no problem with it, but usually rants about it :-) Right now too vague and too complex

  • BSP review
    • Arnd got the manual for ST-E hardware, and some hardware and lacks the BSP
    • OMAP3: mainly done by Torez
      • ACTION Steve to point Torez to more OMAP3 BSP
    • OMAP4: Richard says the main trees are Tony's tree, and TI has some tree; there's SDP/Blaze basic support in upstream today; Panda board is being worked on now; a bunch of feature trees are out there
      • ACTION Richard to compile a wiki page on the state of the OMAP4 BSPs / next trees; main pain point might be DSS2
    • i.MX51: needs a reviewer
      • ACTION Loic to offer
  • ACTION Matt to check with Jamie whether he can run the meeting or to run it
  • Release testing: adjouned; out of time

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