Wed 14th July 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Action items from last meeting.
    • mwaddel to code review the arm_next.git tree and check that all patches are present.
      • [DONE] mwaddel will try the kernel on the versatile board.
    • jk to report on progress of talking to Grant WRT upstreaming his patches.
      • [CARRY OVER] no response from Grant yet.
    • mwaddel to talk to ARM about device-tree work.
      • [DONE]
    • Jeremy to chat with Nicolas about documenting boot interface.
      • [DONE] some patches already produced.
    • npitre to find a way to expose the list of trees merged in arm_next.git via a wiki page.
      • [DONE] documented in the tag instead.
    • jcrigby to talk to slangasek about the list of kernel flavours to produce.
      • [CARRY OVER] jcrigby to talk face-to-face at the sprint.
    • amitk to report back the status on linux-omap's patches.
      • [CARRY OVER] amitk absent.
    • jcrigby to determine if versatile is still needed.
      • [CARRY OVER] jcrigby to talk face-to-face at the sprint.
    • lool to check that -fPIE support is currently enabled in the Linaro toolchain.
    • npitre and arnd to review ericm's single zImage patches.
      • [DONE] ongoing and doesn't need an action item.
    • ericm to send single zImage patches to russelking after they have been reviewed.
      • [DONE] patches are going to the public mailing lists.
    • jcrigby and lool to arrange a uboot specific call for interested team members.
  • Blueprint status.
  • Gathering ideas for face to face discussions / work items for the sprint
  • Personal work plan for the sprint
  • Plenaries
  • Meeting canceled for week of sprint

Action Points

  • jk to report back on Grant Likely’s response to upstreaming patches
  • ericm to discuss with lool how to get more hardware.


  • lool on vacation today, short status call.
  • daverusling asked about the status of the Ubuntu kernel patches in the Linaro tree after recent discussion on the mailing list. nico explained that they were not to be merged as the benefits of merging were small and individual patches could be merged at a later date.
  • mwaddel code reviewed arm_next.git and checked that required patches were present. He is checking versatile express with it now.
  • jk emailed Grant Likely to discuss the upstreaming on his patches, no response yet.
    • [ACTION] jk to report on progress of talking to Grant WRT upstreaming his patches
  • Matt talked to Lorenzo at ARM about device tree status. Based on jk’s work patches are not quite ready yet but are close.
  • jk pushed some patches on the boot interface. More work can be done face-to-face with nico at the sprint. nico mentioned that documentation is already there. Both considered this action done.
  • There was some discussion on where the list of trees merged in to the arm_next.git tree should be documented. nico included this information directly into a tag in the tree. The question was asked if a separate wiki page needed to also convey this information, the consensus was not due to the constantly updating nature and nicely seeing the documents history.
  • jcrigby has been producing omap and versatile kernel flavours, no others have been identified yet. jcrigby will talk to slangasek to determine if versatile is still needed and if other flavours should be added. This will be done face-to-face at the sprint.
  • eric forwarded some patches to upstream public mailing list for the single zImage blueprint. Consensus was that this work spans many weeks and isn’t a specific action item but should be monitored.


  • jk had a bunch of patches around for debugging mapping for device tree’s and has been working on them this week. Good progress. Discussions with Grant about mainlining device-tree’s proved insightful.
  • jk also mentioned that he will be working on imx51 in the near future.
  • ericm said that there may be a need for pbuild hacks to allow multiple platforms to be built at once to help on the single zImage blueprint. Work is ongoing.
  • A lack of hardware is hampering progress at the moment as ericm only has one platform.
    • [ACTION] ericm to discuss with lool how to get more hardware.
  • dmart mentioned that the missing security features spec was waiting on kees but most items were either nearly complete or completed.
  • dmart went on to inform the group that work on oProfile by willdeacon was on track.
  • Work on the versatile express board by mwaddel is ongoing and lots have work items have been defined but mwaddel noted that once a booting kernel is available most work items will be quick to complete.
  • JamieBennett asked the group to fill in their personal goals for the sprint at and to suggest plenary topics.

  • There will be no meeting next week due to the face-to-face sprint.

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