This page is custom made to new Linaro team members joining the kernel working group. It is not meant to be a duplicate of other similar information that can be found around Linaro wiki. Rather, this page will complement those other Getting Started info, by pointing out needed information specific to get going with the kernel Working Group.

Engineering Resources Page

Engineering Resources page has general info for New Starters

How To

Linaro How to

Blueprint Step by Step



Update both of these links with your information.

IRC Communications

  • #linaro channel
  • #all channel (this channel is used for internal use by Linaro team, as opposed to the #linaro channel on the public IRC server ( or which opened to all who wants to join.). You need the password provided to you with your welcoming email.

Kernel WG Meetings

Development Related

Kernel Development Flow



How to host your own git tree

New Features / Blueprints

New features are organized and tracked using Launchpad's blueprints. For description of blueprints their anatomy, Definition work flow and implementation work flow see the presentation in the following link:

Logistics and infrastructure

Linaro infrastructure is run by Canonical. Requests for id's access to Hardware etc.. is done by submitig tickets to Canonical IS.

How to submit a ticket to IS

see Internal/Process/ISCoordination

Other Topics you May Need

Package your own Kernel

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