[Administrative stuff]========================

The normal call tomorrow is canceled, since Anton doesn't have internet access.  I'll be calling Anton on his cell around noon and catching up then.

Agenda below.

[Lowmemory killer]===============================

* Anton has been in the middle of a move last week.

* Anton: 2 vmevent patches from weds look like they got positive feedback. Did they get queued? Anything else pending vmevent wise?

* Anton: 9 for_each_process patches look like they didn't get any objections. These on track for 3.5?

* Anton: Looks like the memcg RFC hit some trouble with Hiroyuki.  Any plans yet to address his comments?   Anything else planned for 3.5 memcg wise?


* Submitted fadvise volatile for inclusion in 3.5. So far I've not gotten much feedback, except for some fairly easy questions from PeterZ.  Still hoping this bodes well, but I'd not be surprised if someone jumps in and slams this in the next day or so.

* Submitted the ashmem rework to use the volatile ranges.  No feedback from the Android guys yet.

[alarmtimer mending]==============================

* My patches that convert Alarm driver to use alarmtimers have been merged in staging-next for 3.5

* My patch to convert alarm driver to use wakeup sources got positive feedback from Arve, and has been merged in staging-next for 3.5

* Right now, everything I have worked on is merged here.  Next steps might be the timerfd or just moving the alarm driver out of staging. Need to give the recent changes little bit of time to settle before deciding on this.  So on-track for 3.5, with some TBD follow on work for 3.6


* Reviewed and played with Rafael's current patch set. Found a bug and submitted the fix to Rafael.

* Looking more hopeful for 3.5, but still at risk until it gets queued.

[monotonic evdev]=================================

* No updates, waiting for new android userland

[Interactive cpu-freq gov]=======================

* On the backlog. No updates.


*  Anything else? 

Action From This Meeting

  • Anton to update lowmemory blueprint items for 12.05
  • John to ping Android team on Anton's ulmkd
  • Anton to double check on patch pending vmevent status to make sure they are all queued for 3.5


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