[Administrative stuff]========================

Meeting time:
    Weds 11th 9pm Moscow time, 10am Pacific time
    Meet on mumble & irc  #linaro-kernel

* My apologies, meant to send this out earlier today, but didn't get to it until now.

* Rypple feedback. Any questions or objections? Plan to submit it tomorrow after we talk.

[Lowmemory killer]===============================

* Anton: Thanks for your increased diligence with updating this blueprint over the last week!

* I moved some of the workitems up to 12.04. Anton, please review and let me know if any of the items I moved aren't feasible for 12.04

* There's been some lkml discussion about the lmk in staging. Anton has been credited with improving the lmk, while some further issues with the lmk has been pointed out.  Anton, are you following that discussion?

* Re-sending or pinging the ce-android-mainline list to make sure Anton's ulmkd mail is approved

* Everything on target for 3.5 kernel wise?


* Sent out latest revision with hashtable storage to lkml. Discussed some items around the persistence of volatile ranges.

* Implemented a fix to limit the persistence of volatile ranges to the lifetime of the file structure, not the inode (so on last close, volatile ranges are cleared).

* Playing with some alternative calls then vmtruncate_range to try to finally address the lockdep issue. Still not super happy with the options, but might limit things to shmfs to simplify things.

* After the next iteration, I hope to get a touch point to see what folks are thinking as to how upstreamable this implementation will be.  I suspect this is "at-risk" for 3.5, given the limited feedback received after the last few iterations, but there is still some time.

[Interactive cpu-freq gov]=======================

* On the backlog. No updates.

[monotonic evdev]=================================

* Will need an android userland change. Waiting on the Android guys move their AOSP tree to 3.4.

[alarmtimer mending]==============================

* No updates. I need to push cleanup patches to staging for 3.5.


* No update. Need to ping Arve about merging his new code for 3.5's staging

* Fwd ported AOSP 3.3 tree to 3.4-rc1 and sent out to the linaro-dev list for inclusion for 12.04

* Anything else? 

Meeting Minutes

  • Anton waiting on feedback from Google wrt ulmkd. Resent ulmkd mail to ce-android-upstreaming.
  • vmevent/cgroup patches are still on track for 3.5
  • John working on antoher fadivse revision, hopefully will get some real feedback from maintainers on this one.

Action From Last Meeting

  • John to set up recurrring meeting: DONE
  • Anton to do self-feedback: DONE
  • Mounir to add more milestones: DONE
  • John to provide list details for initial mailing about ulmkd to Android developers: DONE
  • Anton to write up initial mailing about ulmkd for Android devs: DONE

Action From This Meeting

  • Anton to ack John's review right after the meeting


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