[Administrative stuff]========================

Meeting time:
     Weds 27th 9pm Moscow time, 10am Pacific time
Meet on mumble & irc  #linaro-kernel

* Mounir:  Launchpad is telling me 12.04 isn't a valid work-item target. I'm having to put items to be done after 12.03 as targetting "backlog". Can you look into whats needed here? This is getting critical, as it keeps us from having any granularity in our planning.

* Anton's workload & balance

* Rypple feedback loop.  Need self-feedback from Anton.

[Lowmemory killer]===============================

* Cover planning & rework blueprint in-meeting.

* Clarify dependent kernel space changes

* Itemize blockers to sending to Android kernel team & upstream-interest-group

* What do we expect to have complete before end of may?

[Interactive cpu-freq gov]=======================

* No updates here? Might need to push this to the backlog


* Not much new since last week.

* Also need to focus and look at using a hash to store address_space ranges, since we don't want to bloat the address_space structure.

* Need get radix tree tag implementation going.

[monotonic evdev]=================================

* Patch merged in 3.4!

* Need to look at what is required to get Android using it

[alarmtimer mending]==============================

* No updates. Once 3.4 merge window closes, I'll push cleanup patches to staging for 3.5


* Need to get some time to further review Arve's new implementation & contact him about merging for staging

* Small changes to the script were picked up by maintainer. Not sure if they'll make it for 3.4

* Announced config fragment tree. Hoping to integrate it for 12.04.

* Still working to reproduce a timekeeping issue that's cropping up occasionally on fedora systems

* Other items?

Action From This Meeting

  • John to set up recurrring meeting
  • Anton to do self-feedback
  • Mounir to add more milestones
  • John to provide list details for initial mailing about ulmkd to Android developers
  • Anton to write up initial mailing about ulmkd for Android devs


  • None.

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