Mail log

[Administrative stuff]========================

* Updated the wiki with meeting logs for last month.

* Due to 3.4 merge window being likely opened in the next week or two,
we need to take a moment to focus on what we've got ready for 3.4 and
what else we need to jump on. 

* Anton: Just wanted to check in on your workload. Things going ok
overall? Do you need more items? 

[Lowmemory killer]===============================

* Anton: Again, feb is over, and none of the blueprint items for 12.2
are done. Could you please break out into some work items the work you
did complete (ie: first prototype mailed internally, etc) for the month
and move uncompleted work (including your plans for fixes to mem
cgroups) to 12.3?
        - You did provide some great details in your "lowmem killer upstreaming
plan" reply. If you could provide that sort of data in the blueprint, in
an on-going fashion, it would be really great.

* Anton: Thanks for chasing down the fix to the sched while atomic issue
& getting it merged into linux-next!

* I still owe you a review of your ulmkd code. 

* Have you manged to get ulmkd integrated and running on an Android

[Interactive cpu-freq gov]=======================

* Anton: Again, Still need some monthly granularity & finer grained work
items in the blue print. Right now there's no visibility into your plans

* No updates?


* I spend time time reworking the range-tree code to utilize rbtrees
rather then splay trees. This simplified things nicely and gets it to be
closer to other community range-storage efforts out there (right now
there's 2 other folks doing very similar work, which we need to merge

* Plan to spend time later today and tomorrow to try to handle circular
locking issues. Also need to spend some time to consider other ways to
avoid adding extra data on the address_space structure.


* Spent some more time working with PaulW & KevinH on the Pandaboard
resume issue, and finally got it sorted out.

* Haven't been able to spend more time looking at Rafael's wakelock
patches. Although Arve has been actively contributing changes, so
hopefully we may see something merged here for 3.4

[monotonic evdev]=================================

* No updates. Still queued for 3.4

[alarmtimer mending]==============================

* No updates. Portions still queued for 3.4


* With 3.4 on the horizon, pulled all the drivers/staging/android
updates (mostly ram_console related) from the AOSP
common.git/android-3.3 branch and sent a number of them to lkml for
review so they can be merged in staging-next. Got some feedback from
Greg and will be re-submitting them shortly.

* I've had a handful of community timekeeping/RTC issues pop up. Trying
to handle them with minimal impact to Linaro items.

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