IRC log

 [Administrative stuff]========================

* Anton: Do try to remember weekly status mails on Fridays

[Lowmemory killer]===============================

* Anton, again: Still need a little more granularity on work items.
Please do let me know if you need help doing this.

* Anton, again: Also please update blueprint with related work done,
like sending the missing Android lowmemory killer patch to Greg, as well
as other planned work like file cache issues, and tasklist_lock changes.

* Anton, You're presentation looks pretty good. I may de-flame some of
the commentary, as it will likely be presented with Google Android
developers as well as kernel community members present. Want to avoid
making too strong of a statement and risk hurting potential


* Added splay behavior to range-tree implementation. Looking at how the
range-tree I implemented could be used for file locks as well as the
fadvise volatile ranges in a generic fashion.

[monotonic evdev]=================================

* Had a small issue crop up in linux-next w/ my monotonic-evdev patch.
Sent a quick fix in, but not sure who might merge it.

[alarmtimer mending]==============================

* Still haven't gotten to this.


* I got caught up in an internal customer issue, so that has eaten up a
few days this week.

* Also spent some time doing catchup on patch reviews and other flagged
emails I've had pending for weeks now. Down to 29 items I still have to
get to, from 50-some.

* Need to get my queue for 3.4 started and sent to Thomas.

* Anton: Any issues on your side?

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