Shawn Guo <>


  • Another 3 iterations of adding imx-sgtl5000 machine driver working
    • with fsl_ssi. The v5 of the series just got merged by Mark. But unfortunately it does not catch v3.4 merge window, and will have to be in v3.5.
  • Tested DMA engine cookie handling cleanups from Russell King on
    • imx-sdma and mxs-dma drivers.
  • Reviewed imx pwm framework migration patch from Sascha.
  • Reviewed a bit imx28 device tree support series from Aisheng.
  • Reviewed common clk framework v7 post.
  • Start porting imx6 clock driver to common clk framework

Linus Walleij <>


  • Grant merged the SPI message queue core patch,
    • also Mark Browns patch moving the Samsung SPI driver to use this central message queue.
  • Discussed dmaengine. This is pretty important, it looks
    • like someone needs to step up and look into the channel mapping problem which is a pretty big piece of work.
  • Pushed out an interesting core driver patch that was
    • harvested from Rabin inside ST-Ericsson.
  • Pushed out a new set of three MFD patches for
    • AB8500 trying to keep things in sync.
  • Reviewed and ACK:ed a set of 7 device tree patches

    • for ux500 by Lee Jones, now probably merged by Arnd.
  • Reviewed and ACK:ed the v7 clk patches from Mike

    • Turquette.
  • Volunteered for the MMCI driver maintenanceship.
    • Russell will keep it for now even though it's marked "orphaned" in MAINTAINERS.
  • Discussed a bit around ALSA SoC AB8500 codec
    • implementation driven by Ola LILJA from ST-Ericsson.
  • Discussed some LED patches from Bryan Wu.


  • Get ready to issue pull request for pinctrl this
    • coming merge window.
  • Prepare to convert ux500 (gpio-nomadik) to pinctrl for the kernel 3.5 timeframe.
  • Attending the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose 27th thru 30th of march.
  • Tentative easter vacation first week april.
  • Test the U9540 core patches on real hardware and
    • rework as outlined by Arnd.
  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Look into other Ux500 stuff in need of mainlining... like
    • - Ux500 clocks - the HWMON stuff.


  • We really need someone to look at dmaengine for member SoCs.

Saugata Das <>

Activity Summary



  • None

John Stultz <>


  • Spent a large chunk of time on fadvise volatile work. Fixed circular locking issues and simplified things a bit. Polished up the code and submitted to lkml for review. Researching some alternative approaches.
  • Was alerted to a locking issue in the timekeeping code, sent an RFC fix to address the problem.
  • Iterated a few times on clocksource switching bug patches and sent a pull request for my current queue of fixes to tglx
  • Did some internal IBM assistance & internal IBM process items.

  • Was late, but sent out Android Subteam meeting email.


  • Try to get a first pass at a page-tag approach to the volatile pages implementation.
  • Working on presentation abstract for plumbers


  • Frustrated by my slow progress.

Arnd Bergmann <>


  • Took over arm-soc merging from Olof again
  • accepted heaploads of patches into arm-soc, now closed
    • DT conversion for spear6xx, kirkwood, ux500, at91
    • driver changes for davinci, lpc32xx, exynos
    • ep93xx cleanup
    • numerous smaller fixes
    • exynos5 Soc support
    • common struct clk
  • assisted DT conversion on a lot of platforms

Dave Martin <>

Activity Summary

  • ARM's switcher v2.2 updates published to Linaro, along with the

merged Linaro GNU tools support

  • Simple cpufreq driver for the ARM switcher implemented. This is only a first pass, but it works at a basic level. I should be able to post this for review on Monday.
  • Rewrote and posted custom opcode injection patches to work solely using the C preprocessor. This was needed by the Xen/KVM guys. It is also relevant to use of the ARM switcher (though in fact, I didn't need it for this)
  • No progress on hyp-entry patches (as expected)


  • Post cpufreq backend driver for review.
  • Investigate with nico whether we can rebase our kernel work on top of arm-soc.

Work Items


  • none planned yet

Dong Aisheng <>


  • Pinctrl core patch review.
  • sent mx28 basic dt support patches including imx28 dt core, irq domain,

fec, mmc, dma supports.

  • sent a dt core patch fixing the potential issue of of_device_is_availabe
  • sent a fec patches fixing the potential no phy found issue.
  • sent a net phylib patch fixing the length limitation of mii bus id
  • discussed a lot with Grant and Lathar on how to get mac address from dt

which is a common issue on

  • all imx platfroms.


  • Review pinctrl core dt binding patches sent recently by Stephen Warren
  • mx6q pinctrl driver dt support
  • mx28 dt support patch comments addressing and more devices support

Rajendra Nayak <>


  • Reposted v3 of mmc-dt patches. Chris pulled them in for 3.4.
    • With this OMAP should have *all* basic drivers DT adapted.
  • More mmc driver cleanups, will post once 3.4-rc1 comes out.
    • Too late and not too critical to go in this merge window.
  • Review pinctrl dt, and common clk patches. Also had a chat with
    • Tony about the pinctrl dt bindings and he plans to update pinctrl- simple with the latest bindings quite soon.
  • After some discussions with Tony on moving the mmc pbias platform
    • calls to SCM driver, it turns out he prefers it being handled in some way via the pinctrl driver. With mmc-dt patches already in 3.4 moving this task to a lower priority.
  • Started looking at Mike's *OMAP4 only* migration to common clock to
    • get it working on all OMAPs'. Still figuring out if I can do this one OMAP family at a time, to avoid a big bang change across board.


  • Focus mainly on common clk conversion for all OMAPs.


  • Planing to take off the 1st week of May. From 1st to 7th May.
    • Will update Linaro leaves.

Thomas Abraham <>

  • Posted v2 of patches that rework platform data of display controller
    • driver which is prerequisite for dt support.
  • Post next version of dt support patches for interrupt combiner,
    • wakeup interrupts, regulator and display controller driver.


  • Was on leave on 14th, 15th and 16th March.

Nicolas Pitre <>

  • Review of the initial Kirkwood conversion to FDT by

  • Review of a patch series removing most instances of io.h by Rob Herring.
  • Comments/suggestions on how to deal with unresponsive maintainers,
    • prompted by Amit Kucheria.
  • Review of a patch by Stephen Warren to generalize u-Boot's uImage
    • wrapping in the kernel build.
  • More experiments with the b.L software model, attempting to boot
    • a 8-core SMP system, running into cross cluster cache coherency problems. Finally get it to boot, thanks to the ARM guys who provided the missing clue.
  • Look at the multi-cluster aware boot protocol patches by Lorenzo
    • Pieralisi. Some of it might be directly useful for the b.L switcher.
  • Review of Dave Martin's patch series to facilitate custom opcode
    • injection.
  • Improved a patch I posted months ago to remove the debugging restrictions
    • inside the devicemaps_init() function and pushed upstream. REcent changes to the kernel are making this patch very useful for people to debug their own kernel.
  • Quick review of the Cortex-M3 support by Uwe Kleine-K�nig.
  • Moved to the arm-soc tree to implement the in-kernel switcher as it
    • contains everything to boot a vexpress config with device tree on the software model.

Deepak Saxena <dsaxena>

  • I was out sick for about a week, behind on everything right now. :/


  • Started work on member's update article on understanding upstream

kernel development.

  • Started work on patch tracking spreadsheet for Android

lowmem-related patches as

  • a POC for better understanding status of how upstream is doing.


  • 1:1s
  • Complete member newsletter article
  • Complete patch tracking spreadsheet for Android lowmem patches
  • Review cycle work, including my own self-review
  • Put together proposed schedule for kernel training @ Connect.
  • Review roadmap card status
  • Review latest updates to KWG wiki pages.
  • Start thinking about KWG @ Linaro connect

Travel/Time Off

  • Possibly off May 4-10th.
  • Connect Q2
  • Possibly attending Linux Con Japan right after Connect

Anton Vorontsov

Omar Ramirez

Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy

Mounir Bsaibes

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