Thomas Abraham <>


  • Submitted regulator device tree support patches for pmic block of max8997
  • Submitted regulator support patches for platform-lcd driver.
  • Submitted irq domain and device tree support patches for Exynos4 interrupt combiner.
  • Submitted irq domain and device tree support patches for Exynos4 wakeup interrupts.
  • Submitted device tree support patches for Exynos4 power domains.

=== Plans ===

  • v2 of regulator device tree support patches for pmic block of max8997.
  • v2 of regulator support patches for platform-lcd driver.
  • v2 of irq domain and device tree support patches for Exynos4 interrupt combiner.
  • Review the latest pin config patches and pinctrl dt discussion.
  • Populate Exynos specific pinmux definitions in Samsung pinctrl driver.

Shawn Guo <>

Device Tree

  • Sent v3 of mc13892-regulator device tree support series for a minor document change. Hopefully this is the last version.
  • Started looking into pinctrl DT binding discussion for the later imx pinctrl DT support.

Consolidation and cleanup

  • Reviewed imx pinmux initial support series from Aisheng
  • Tested pinmux patch on imx6q
  • Reviewed Rob's adding irqdomain for irq_chip_generic patch and tested it on imx5 with some feedback and breakage report


  • Reviewed fec fix-up patches from Lothar
  • Reviewed mxs-mmc fix-up patches from Lothar
  • Reviewed Fabio's patch adding uart wakeup support and tested it on imx6q

Rajendra Nayak <>


  • Working on making the pinmux/pinconf (which I initially got working
    • only on OMAP4) to work on all OMAPs. The challenge is to manage the data size (for pins and pinfunc/pingrps) which is getting large. For now passing data from platform code (till there is some conclusion on how to pass data from DT)
  • Did some work on moving leaf clocks to DT. Need more changes in the way hwmod handles setting up early modules.


  • Repost TWL regulator support after a rebase on top of the latest i2c/twl series from Benoit.
  • Continue work on pinmux/pinconf for OMAP and post patches for common pinmux/pinconf supporting all OMAPs (with data in passed from platform code)
  • Continue working on moving leaf clock nodes to DT.


  • Will be taking off the week before Xmas (19th to 23rd Dec) and work through the Xmas week.

John Stultz <>


  • Synced with GregKH on plans for adding some android patches to staging.
  • Reworked Android ashmem patches so they could be included in staging. Sent out for review to Greg and Android team. Got some feedback from Arve, and am working to address his concerns.
  • Worked out what other Android patches were necessary to get the staging kernel up and running with ICS (luckily, its only one more patch in addition to the ashmem changes).
  • Starting looking at requirements to get Android alarm-timer driver (and the pending patches I have to simplify the driver and make it use the upstreamed posix alarm timer code) into staging.
  • Sent mail to Andrey Konovalov with overview of the old linaro+android kernel maintenance process, and my understanding of the new goals around linaro kernel tree maintenance going forward.
  • Due to the shortened schedule this month, released an initial 11.12 Linaro+Android kernel so there is something to work with while Andrey ramps up to speed.


  • Continue working to get ashmem patches for staging reviewed and acked by Android team. Push resulting queue to Greg.
  • Continue looking at android alarmtimer driver for staging. It requires the wakelock patches, so either I cut out wakelocks or wait for some form of wakelocks to go upstream.
  • Look into what other bits from the Android patch set could possibly go into staging.
  • Address the SCHEC_MC option getting dropped from android defconfigs.
  • Try to send the timekeeping locking changes to tglx.


  • None.

Saugata Das <>

Activity Summary


  • Propose the data tag patch within next two weeks


  • In order to use the Samsung 4.5 eMMC sample, we need to do hardware modification, which needs specialised equipments. Will need sometime to prepare the setup for verification of 4.5 patches.

Dave Martin <>

Activity Summary

  • Reviewing of Pawel's versatile express patches and related discussions (steadily progressing -- there are a few issues to resolve, but the series appears almost ready. Some issues came up when testing.)
  • Concluded that we should fix drivers to stop using NO_IRQ or assuming NO_IRQ == -1 on an as-needed basis.
  • Worked on some miscellaneous patches to do some Kconfig cleanup, a couple of errata workarounds relevant to vexpress etc.


  • Propose AMBA driver changes to replace NO_IRQ with a test compatible with the "0 means no irq" convention.
  • Repost l2x0 Kconfig cleanup patches along with patch to clean up the dependencies of CONFIG_SMP.
  • Continue to miscellaneous outstanding DT issues (bindings, drivers) forward.

Work Items


  • Christmas (2011-12-19 - 2012-01-03)

Arnd Bergmann <>

arm-soc tree

  • merged 35 bug fixes for 3.2, now included in -rc5
  • nagged subarch maintainers about sending stuff
  • merged one feature branch (mxs/saif), the total number of branches for 3.3 is now 9, with 124 changesets total.

code review

  • reviewed vexpress dt patches
  • started reviewing st-ericsson xshm drivers
  • extensive discussions about coherency in dma-buf patches

other work

  • almost getting on top of randconfig patches for 3.2, plan to send them out again next week.

Linus Walleij <>


  • Sent out v6 of the pin config patch series - it is now stable, and functionality is in linux-next.
  • Working on generic pin config for ASICs that want to keep things simple.
  • Discussed DT mappings to pin controllers with Stephen Warren and Tony Lindgren. No consensus reached.
  • Ux500 mainlining since too little is happening:
    • - Iterated AB5500 high voltage LEDs driver.
  • Reviewed the Switch class derived from Android by Samsung. This is very important stuff I feel.
  • Helped Sjur Br=E6ndeland to get M7400 XSHM patches into linux-next and will help him to establish a repository.
  • Reviewed som MMC patch...


  • Vacation 2011-12-19 thru 2012-01-06
  • Drive generalization of Nomadik GPIO by using the pinctrl framework drivers/gpio/gpio-nomadik.c
  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Look into other Ux500 stuff in need of mainlining... like the HWMON stuff.


  • None, apart from some ST-Ericsson internal stuff.

== Nicolas Pitre <> ==

Patch Review

  • Orion/Kirkwood/etc mbus data rework in preparation for DT support from Andrew Lunn.
  • Kirkwood GPIO implementation using atomic set/clear_bit from Holger Brunck. Patch NAKed.
  • Generic instruction opcode manipulation helpers from Dave Martin.
  • Fix for kernel boot failure on NSLU2 from Arnaud Patard.
  • Optimization for process_sdio_pending_irq from Sangwook Lee. I asked for further justification as the optimization may not be so.
  • Allow sched_clock to be selected at runtime from Marc Zyngier.
  • More assorted small patches from random people.

Upstream Contributions

  • Rework the early boot code register assignment to facilitate

debugging. Posted for comments. Need to be updated after other patches touching the same area were merged in RMK's tree.

  • Resumed work on the arch_idle() removal patch series.

Linaro Kernel Maintenance

  • None.


  • Discussion about removal of NO_IRQ on ARM.
  • Helped Daniel Lezcano with regressions on ux500 from my vmalloc series.
  • Looked at alleged problems with the dynamic phys-virt patching code,

reported by Michael Walle.


  • Away from December 23rd, back on January 3rd.

Mounir Bsaibes

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