Week ending 12-2-2011

Dave Martin <dave.martin@linaro.org>

Activity Summary

  • Reviewing of Pawel's versatile express patches and related discussions
    • (steadily progressing -- there are a few issues to resolve, but the series appears almost ready. Some issues came up when testing.)
  • Some discussions around U-Boot loading of relocatable images (now
    • supported in upstream U-Boot master branch thanks to Stephen Warren)
  • Reworked AMBA modalias series on top of the file2alias.c cleanup patches
    • proposed on lkml.
  • Some discussion around NO_IRQ and OF.


  • Move miscellaneous outstanding DT issues (bindings, drivers) forward.

Work Items


  • Christmas (approx. 2011-12-18 - 2012-01-06 -- exact dates TBD)

Shawn Guo <shawn.guo@freescale.com>

Device Tree

  • Sent v2 of mc13892-regulator device tree support series

Consolidation and cleanup

  • Sent a patch to add restart support for imx6 based on rmk's restart branch
  • Sent a series to clean up gpio-mxc gpio and irq numbering to have them allocated dynamically


  • Sent a patch to fix imx51 babbage power button
  • Sent 2 patches to fix imx6 gpio interrupt controller
  • Sent a patch to fix the use of pdev->id in fec driver

Thomas Abraham <thomas.abraham@linaro.org>


  • Reviewed v5 of the regulator core device tree support patches.
  • Started adding regulator device tree support for Origen board.

D Plans

  • Complete regulator dt support for Origen board.
  • Add device tree support for Exynos4 display controller.
  • Review the latest pin config patches and pinctrl dt discussion.
  • Populate Exynos specific pinmux definitions in Samsung pinctrl driver.

Rajendra Nayak <rnayak>


  • Added support for pin-configuration for OMAP4 using the v4 of
    • the pinconf core support patches. Data still in the driver and not moved to dt. Waiting on Tony;s series/patches for DT support and moving data out of the drivers.
  • Started looking at clock bindings and generic struct clock support
    • patches. Experimented with moving OMAP clock data to dt which started to look very complex (moving all clock data). Had a call with Benoit/ Mike on this and for now working on moving only leaf clocks/mappings to dt keeping the rest of the clock tree in kernel.
  • omap-serial dt support patches acked by Rob.
  • Working with Aneesh V on omap4 EMIF driver dt support doing initial
    • reviews.


  • Repost TWL regulator support. (Still waiting for a repost of omap
    • i2c/twl DT support patches)
  • Refine the experimental patches to move OMAP clock data to dt.
  • Rework some of the pinmux/pinconf support on top of changes Tony
    • has been proposing/working on once they are available.


  • Will be taking off the week before Xmas (19th to 23rd Dec) and work through the Xmas week.

john stultz <johnstul@us.ibm.com>


  • Sent out fadvise based ashmem alternative patch to lkml for review. Got a decent writeup at lwn: http://lwn.net/Articles/468896/ as well as decent feedback.

  • Got a small fixes to the config_merge.sh script included in -mm
  • Sent out patch queue for 3.3 (including the CLOCK_RATE removal patches from Deepak). Tglx has yet to pull it, but I'll nag him again.
  • Pushed a few fixes for 3.2 for RTC and clocksource issues. Were merged into -tip.
  • Reworked timekeeping cleanup/performance patches for Thomas
  • Worked with Anton Vorontsov on background and plans for lowmemory killer upstreaming.
  • Chased some RTC, sched_clock and timekeeping related bugs.
  • Good meetings with Android and CromeOS teams.
  • Started reworking ashmem alternative idea from lkml feedback.
  • Saw Greg KH has queued some android patches for staging again. Sent email out to him to try to get a sense of what he's planning and looking for.


  • More reworking of the fadvise ashmem alternative. Try to integrate akpm's mumble tree idea.
  • Try to sort out some of the community bugs that i've been handling.
  • Get xtime lock breakup patches submitted.


  • Community issues been cropping up and taking more time then I'd like.

Anton Vorontsov <anton.vorontsov@linaro.org>


  • Got the first Linaro task: Android lowmemory driver upstreaming. Familiarized with the lowmemorykiller code and requirements, investigation on previous upstreaming efforts.

Linus Walleij linusw


* Sent out v5 of the pin config patch series after some further

  • discussion: as usual nVidia provide the most challenging feedback.

* Discussed pinmux maps proliferation with Arnd Bergmann

  • and Haojian Zhuang (PXA pinmux maintainer) and came up with patches to address the issue of being able to tag

    pinmux maps as initdata so they are discarded after boot. We also added the possibility to incrementally add several sets of pinmux mappings, doing away with the "once and for all" approach to registering maps.

* Discussed DT mappings to pin controllers with Stephen

  • Warren and Tony Lindgren. No consensus reached.

* Ux500 mainlining since too little is happening:

  • - AB8500 RTC patches iterated with Andrew Morton and
    • accepted into his tree.
    - Fixed up patches for some movearound in the abx500
    • include headers directory.
    - Clean-up and forward-ported AB5500 high voltage
    • LEDs driver.
    - The two latter will be sent off ASAP, just awaiting some
    • optional internal feedback.

* Read and commented on a few patches on various mailing

  • lists to keep uptodate.


* Drive generalization of Nomadik GPIO

  • by using the pinctrl framework. drivers/gpio/gpio-nomadik.c

* Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research

  • PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.

* Look into other Ux500 stuff in need of mainlining...

  • like the HWMON stuff.


* Risk of pin controller subimplementations being delayed due

  • to the time it takes to reach consensus. Would be good if the people who really need the pin config stuff got involved

    with the discussion and start ACK:ing patches when they like them, and tell me what I'm doing wrong and if they agree with the critics. Active participation in discussions would be appreciated. NOTE: I'm worthless in soft motivational-aspects of leadership (get people to actively do stuff). The only person I can motivate to discuss pin control is myself...

Mounir Bsaibes

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