Nicolas Pitre

Rajendra Nayak <>


  • Reposted v2 of regulator dt support. Split the series to
    • remove dependencies with omap i2c-twl dt conversions. Need to figure out how (if at all) to pass the linux specific regulator parameters via dt. latest patches can be found here git:// for-dt/regulator
  • The split series to convert twl-regulator to use dt can be
    • found here git:// for-dt/regulator-i2c-twl Will repost after the i2c-twl repost from Benoit.
  • omap-hsmmc dt conversion completed and can be found here
    • git:// for-dt/regulator-i2c-twl-mmc The series has dependencies on the above regulator series. Will post with the dependent series.
  • Adapted the omap-smps driver (originally done by Tero Kristo) to
    • dt. Patches can be found here git:// for-dt/regulator-i2c-twl-smps Discussions on-going with Benoit/Kevin if this driver should be merged with the existing twl-regulator driver.
  • Kick started everyone in the team @TI with a presentation/status
    • on DT on OMAP.


  • Post all patches under development, taking care of dependencies.
  • Adapt spi/ethernet needed for basic NFS based boot, since lot of
    • developers use NFS within TI.
  • Work on basic OMAP5 support (test on emulator/simulator) using
    • DT.

john stultz <>


  • Merged the initial Linaro-3.1 11.10 kernel with the omapzoom p-common-3.1 branch and pushed out the linaro-android-3.1 branch.
  • Re-merged Linaro-3.1 11.10 kernel with Andy Green's android tracking tree, and pushed out an updated linaro-android-3.1 branch.
  • Merged defconfig changes from Vishal to enable UVC across all boards.
  • Continued working on my sched-class based timer-freezing approach to power managment.
  • Pinged Amit Kachhap on ARM powertop issues.
  • Spurred by some of the recent discussion we've been having, Rafael (the PM maintainer) submitted his own proposal for a wakelock alternative. I reviewed and commented on some of the issues with the approach, and hope to see his proposal move forward.
  • Pinged Collin Cross about cgroup patches in the Android tree. Apparently two are recently obsoleted, and one has been reworked but not made public yet. He hopes to push it upstream sometime in the future, but can't say when.
  • Worked on extending Dave Hansen's initial approach to an ashmem alternative. Need to spend some time to find example ashmem code that I can use as a test case to convert to Dave's approach.


  • Continue discussions with Rafael on his wakelock alternative.
  • Continue on my sched-class based timer-freezing work
  • Another week, another linaro-android kernel release!
  • Document my linaro-android kernel process for Deepak.


  • The server seems to be having some serious load issues. Git pushing to it isn't working right now, and its taking forever to respond to web requests.

Dave Martin <dmart>

Activity Summary

  • Some more discussions around testing/quality/documentation and use cases for the linaro deliverables.
  • Some existential discussions around the meaning of linux,

    • which Android toolchains seem not to define, causing issues when building

      against Linux headers. Possible solutions involve defining linux explicitly from a top-level Makefile, or to introduce a new define specifically to mean that the Linux kernel is being built. The android team are now using a temporary solution based on the latter, but the right fix still needs to be agreed.

  • Useful meeting with Andy Doan and Matt Waddel about having a Connect
    • blueprint session on making Linaro documentation more useful and accessible.
  • Pinged for further feedback on AMBA module autoloading patches via
    • LKML.
  • Moved office again.
  • Still no significant progress on Versatile Express this week, due to
    • discussions and other work.


  • ( On holiday next week.)
  • Move Versatile Express DT patches forward
  • Prepare for Linaro Connect
  • Prompt for further feedback on minor Thumb-2 randconfig issues:
  • v6/v7 single kernel Thumb-2 undef fixup patches: currently waiting for Russell/Arnd to comment
  • Fixing some Thumb-2 related randconfig errors reported by Arnd:
  • pxa/pj4/iwmmxt uses non-Thumb-2-compatible code: waiting for feedback (probably needs a Marvell expert to comment)
  • tegra2 uses non-Thumb-2-compatible code: waiting for feedback from

Colin Cross.

Work Items

  • (none this week)


  • Mon 2011-10-17 - Fri 2011-10-21

Linus Walleij


  • Maturing pinctrl core and pinmux in linux-next, answering late review comments and merging smaller patches. Latest finetuing iteration is v10. It is part of linux-next and I don't expect any more changes before the merge window.

  • Started to discuss generic pin control issues with Stephen Warren.
  • Discussing and reviewing some patches regarding the IIO ADC portions as IIO wants to move out of staging.
  • Samuel Ortiz merged say half of the PRCMU patches, we need to consolidate PRCMU infrastructure to merge more ux500 stuff. Fair enough.
  • Try to mainline some stuff. Harder than it seems, pushed out some SPI/PL022, AB8500 core, AB8500 RTC (after long calibration discussion), COH901327 watchdog.
  • Git tglx ACK for the smp_twd rescaling patch we all so badly need. However it's still pending in Russell's patch



  • Let pin control core and pinmux mature in -next and I expect to issue a pull request to Torvalds in the coming merge window
  • Working on generic pin control:
  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Drive generalization of U300 and Nomadik GPIO by using the pinctrl framework
  • Mainline some ux500 U-Boot stuff so it can atleast bootthe system.


  • Some internal time-stealing as usual, mostly for direct advice on things like MMC and runtime PM.

Arnd Bergmann

Dave Martin

Jason Hui

John Stultz

Manjunath Kondaiah

Mounir Bsaibes

Nicolas Pitre

Niklas Hernaeus

Per Forlin

Shawn Guo

Thomas Abraham

Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy

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