Nicolas Pitre

Thomas Abraham <>


  • Submitted second version of UART and IRQ device tree support patches.
  • Prepared a single device tree enabled board file for smdkv310 and Origen boards and tested device tree support on both the boards for the following modules: UART, SDHCI, Keypad, GPIO keys, DMA, RTC, I2C, WDT, GPIO, IRQ


  • Submit updated/rebased device tree support patches for SDHCI, Keypad,
    • DMA, RTC, GPIO, IRQ and dt-board file. (hoping that all of these will be merged in 3.2)


  • (Not critical) Testing for backward compatibility with the changes in the drivers for all previous Samsung boards consumes lot of time.

Linus Walleij <>


  • Maturing pinctrl core and pinmux in linux-next, answering late review comments and merging smaller patches.
  • Arnd pulled the last ux500 stuff (timers) for the merge window.
  • Found the problem with attached device trees on my
    • platforms. Root cause: mismatched "compatible" node hangs kernel 3.1+ at an early stage, with an error message on the earlyprintk console. If you don't have a working earlyprintk the stuff locks up, and this non-visibility of early errors had us stuck for a while.
  • Reviewed various stuff. (pinctrl, MMC, new platform called SPMP8000).


  • Let pin control core and pinmux mature in -next and I expect to issue a pull request to Torvalds in the coming merge window
  • Start working on generic pin control:
    • Biasing
    • Driving
    • Input modes
    • Load capacitance
    • First step - survey of existing configuration options for currens SoC:s.

  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Drive generalization of U300 and Nomadik GPIO by using the pinctrl framework
  • Watch the DBx500 PRCMU drivers update, fixed
    • patches for Sam, but don't know if he's pleased with them yet.
  • Mainline some ux500 U-Boot stuff so it can at least boot the system.


  • The formation of the clk subsystem seems pretty much tangled up in details right now, don't know what to do

    about it though :-(

john stultz <>


  • Worked on prototyping sched-flag based timer freezing. Initial rough hack allowed a system to drop from 20-60 wakeups per second down to 0.7. The hack is not really viable, so I'm continuing to research and refine the idea to see how it could best be implemented.
  • Pinged AmitK for ideas on how to measure power improvements.
  • Resubmit script to lkml. So far have had no feedback.
  • Reviewed a rough initial patch by Dave Hansen that could be the start of some ashmem-like functionality. Talked with him about some of the API issues over lunch.
  • Split up some blueprints for Mounir
  • Met with PaulMck for lunch to sync up on current issues around my wakelocks idea.

  • Linaro Connect expenses went through! Yay!

Dave Martin <>

Activity Summary

  • More discussions around testing/quality/documentation
  • Reworked AMBA module autoloading series to Do Things Properly using the existing modpost framework. Posted patches; about 50% Acked.
  • Thumb-2 kernel migration advice posted on wiki and linaro-dev.
  • No significant progress on Versatile Express this week, due to discussions and other work.


  • Prompt for further feedback on minor Thumb-2 randconfig issues:
    • v6/v7 single kernel Thumb-2 undef fixup patches: currently waiting for Russell/Arnd to comment
    • Fixing some Thumb-2 related randconfig errors reported by Arnd:
  • pxa/pj4/iwmmxt uses non-Thumb-2-compatible code: waiting for feedback (probably needs a Marvell expert to comment)
  • tegra2 uses non-Thumb-2-compatible code: waiting for feedback from Colin Cross.

Work Items

  • Refined the workitems list for vexpress:
  • kernel-versatile-boad-description-and-implementation:
    • [dave-martin-arm] Dynamic loading of AMBA device drivers (including via DT) - implement and test: DONE
    • [dave-martin-arm] Dynamic loading of AMBA device drivers (including via DT) - repost: DONE
    • [dave-martin-arm] Dynamic loading of AMBA device drivers (including via DT) - Propose for merging: TODO
  • linaro-kernel-o-finish-thump2-support:
    • [dave-martin-arm] to document what he needed to do get Thumb-2 kernel working for a new SoC: DONE


Mon 2011-10-17 - Fri 2011-10-21

Arnd Bergmann

Manjunath Kondaiah

Nicolas Pitre

Niklas Hernaeus

Per Forlin

Shawn Guo

Thomas Abraham

Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy

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