Nicolas Pitre

  • Review 64-bit division unwinding patch
  • Pull request reminder for the mach/memory.h removal series
  • Merged v3.0.4 into the Linaro kernel tree
  • Patch to remove the unmaintained mach-nuc93x
  • Released linux-linaro-3.0-2011.09-0
  • Inspection of the shmobile code trying to find out why it uses such a humongous amount of consistemt DMA memory to no avail. Pinged the maintainers.
  • Review of the patch series removing mdesc argument to fixup function from RMK.
  • Review of the patch series shrinking sched_clock some more from RMK.
  • Review of the futex fix from Will Daecon.
  • Pull request for the mach/vmalloc.h removal series.

john stultz <>


  • Recovered from my head-cold.
  • Continued lively email discussions with Mark Gross, Rafael Wysocki, and Alan Stern on my and Mark's different wakelock proposals.
  • Got very close to sending out very rough first draft of the patches that illustrate my wakelock functionality idea (just one or two little bugs to squish).
  • Merged some patches from Vishal and Zach into the Linaro+Android tree.
  • Updated, tested and released a Linaro+Android baseline kernel linux-linaro-3.0-2011.09-0-android-1
  • Met with Deepak for lunch.
  • Resubmitted the config fragment merge script to lkml and got some additional feedback.
  • Maaaaybe pestered Dave Hansen enough about alternative ashmem idea that he might start investigating it himself!


  • Get first rough draft of wakelock idea reviewed by a few folks to try to catch any glaringly terrible bits.
  • Maybe submit wakelock patch queue to lkml for flame-bait/discussion?
  • Integrate config fragment script feedback and resubmit.


  • Need help to follow up on Linaro Connect expense funds getting seemingly lost between Linaro's bank and mine.

Rajendra Nayak <>

Highligh s

  • Reworked regulator dt support patches based on comments from Mark/Grant. Waiting for a repost of the dependent i2c-twl support series to resend it out for review.
  • Started omap mmc driver dt migration. Will use auxdata to start with for all the function pointers currently passed from pdata
  • Study/review the pinmux/pinctrl series from Linusw.


  • Repost regulator dt support once i2c-twl series is out
  • Post omap mmc dt patches, using regulator mappings from dt
  • Use pinmux/pinctrl framework for OMAP

Shawn Guo <>


  • Submitted the v3 of imx6q patch series.
    • Reworked the L2 register save/restore implementation per Lorenzo's suggestion
    • Rebased to Rob's latest GIC OF bindings series
    • Rebased to Sascha's MULTI_IRQ_HANDLER support series
  • imx6q fec, gpio and usdhc patches have been merged by sub-system maintainers.


  • Start looking at migrating imx to pinctrl sub-system
  • Revisit iomuxc device tree bindings


  • Getting cold, so will not attend the meeting tonight

Thomas Abraham <>


  • Worked on adding clkdev support for samsung uart driver (consumed a lot of time as testing on all Samsung SoC based boards was required).
  • Worked on adding device tree support for Exynos4 uart driver (using the ckdev support added for samsung uart driver).


  • Submit clkdev and device tree support patches for Samsung uart driver.
  • Submit complete device tree support for Exynos4 sdhci driver.


* Will on leave on 30th September.

Deepak Saxena <>


  • 1:1s, finished up team over reviews
  • Thinking about post 11.11 tasks
  • Discussed kernel ci loop platform testing with Scott
  • Started work on roadmap cards (pinmux, single zImage) === Plans for This Week ===
  • Fill out my objectives for next review cycle
  • Start work on Linaro connect session blueprints
  • Update existing engineering BPs with latest WIs
  • Work on KWG wiki section overhaul
  • 1:1s

Upcoming Travel/Time Off

  • Off Sept 26th/27th (parents visiting). Will be available for KWG meeting.
  • Travel to Arm Summit/ELC-E/LinuxCon-E Oct 22-28.
  • Linaro Connect Oct 31st - Nov 4.
  • Tentative work travel week of Nov 7th.

Dave Martin <>

Activity Summary

  • vexpress DT patches posted for review
  • a fair amount of follow-up work will be needed (dealing with feeedback, pushing driver updates)
  • a bit more progress on Thumb-2 kernel migration advice.
  • smsc911x register size DT fix merged
  • A number of stalled Thumb-2 issues which need work:
    • v6/v7 single kernel Thumb-2 undef fixup patches: currently waiting for Russell/Arnd to comment
    • Fixing some Thumb-2 related randconfig errors reported by Arnd:
    • pxa/pj4/iwmmxt uses non-Thumb-2-compatible code: waiting for feedback (probably needs a Marvell expert to comment)
    • tegra2 uses non-Thumb-2-compatible code: waiting for feedback from Colin Cross.


  • Complete and post advice for Thumb-2 kernel migration.
  • Follow up on Thumb-2 randconfig problems.
  • Check whether the new kernel trees work in Thumb-2 on mx51evk and

follow up with Freescale landing team.

Work Items


  • [dave-martin-arm] Agree/merge smsc911x changes: DONE
  • [dave-martin-arm] Post device tree patches: DONE
  • [dave-martin-arm] Agree/merge isp1760 and pata_generic changes: INPROGRESS


none planned

Upcoming Travel/Time Off

* Off Sept 26th/27th (parents visiting). Will be available for KWG meeting.

* Travel to Arm Summit/ELC-E/LinuxCon-E Oct 22-28.

* Linaro Connect Oct 31st - Nov 4.

* Tentative work travel week of Nov 7th.

Linus Walleij linusw


* Working on pin control and pinmux

* Migrated the U300 GPIO driver to gpiolib and Russell

  • merged it, gpio.h in U300 goes empty

* Fixed up the ep93xx gpio.h cleanup and Russell merged it,

  • another gpio.h goes empty

* Sent out a timer update for Ux500 and will request Arnd to

  • pull it if nothing happens

* Various small patches to the Integrator and U-Boot to keep

  • my sanity


* Make v8 of pin control patch set and submit it to linux-next for maturing

* Third round around the gpio.h cleanups.

* Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.

* Drive generalization of U300 and Nomadik GPIO by using the pinctrl framework

* Watch the DBx500 PRCMU drivers update, pushed Sam again today

* Get into struct clk generalization and movement of clk drivers into drivers/clk

* Mainline some ux500 U-Boot stuff so it can atleast boot the system. (Or is Niklas doing this?)


* Appended device trees does not work for us. Still don't know why.

* Shanghaiied for internal advisory at ST-Ericsson for too much time last week, ~30%

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