Nicoals Pitre


  • Ffixed second SPI initialization call on Dove
  • Posted latest incarnation of the zImage DTB appending patch series
  • Continued work on the vmalloc.h removal
  • Sent RMK a pull request for the zImage DTB appending series
  • Posted initial patch series for the vmalloc.h removal

Deepak Saxena <>


  • Lots of 1:1s, went over reviews
  • Facilitated struct_clk discussion (will post notes this week, I managed to loose track of them)
  • Thinking about post 11.11 tasks
  • Had a good CI loop UI discussions with Asac, Paul L., David Z. And need to continue looking into what's needed to make this meet both needs of developers and from POV of showing off Linaro value-add.
  • Good meeting with Grant to talk about DT tasks === Plans for This Week ===
  • 1:1s, finish reviews
  • Fill out my review/objectives
  • Discuss kernel ci loop platform bug fixing/triaging with Scott
  • Pick out and fill out two requirements in papyrs
  • Various wiki updates

Upcoming Travel/Time Off

  • Time off Sept 26th/27th. Will be available for KWG meeting.
  • Travel to Arm Summit/ELC-E/LinuxCon-E Oct 22-28.
  • Linaro Connect Oct 31st - Nov 4.
  • Tentative bay area travel week of Nov 7th.

Shawn Guo <>


  • Submitted the v2 of imx6q patch series with comments on v1 addressed, and rebased to v3.1-rc6.
  • Rebased imx6q patch series to Rob's latest GIC binding patches.
  • Tested nico's zImage-dtb-append patch series on imx6q.
  • Posted the patches for imx6q fec, gpio and usdhc initial support.


  • Attended the conference call for clock framework discussion.
  • Helped review imx cpuidle patches internally.

Thomas Abraham <>


  • Submitted third version of i2c device tree patches. Ben Dooks has merged these patches to his tree
    • Submitted fourth version of pl330 dma controller dt support patches with changes suggested by Grant.
  • Submitted third version of dt support for Exynos4 keypad controller driver with changes suggested by Grant.
    • Submitted second version of patches to remove cfg_card helper callback from sdhci-s3c driver.
    • Tested Rob Herring's gic dt support patches with Exynos4 dt support. Will require changes in Exynos4 interrupt mapping to use Rob's patches.


  • Submit dt support patches for sdhci driver with no dependency on platform data.
  • Submit single dt-enabled board file for smdkv310 board and origen boards.
  • Rework Exynos4 interrupt mapping to use Rob's GIC dt support patches.

Linus Walleij <>


  • Seventh iteration codenamed Janitor of the pinmux/pin control framework, adressing ever more comments and shortcomings, and I'm ever more happy with the result:

  • Various small patches to the Integrator to keep my sanity.


  • Third round around the gpio.h cleanups.
  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Drive generalization of U300 and Nomadik GPIO
  • Get into struct clk generalization and movement of clk drivers into drivers/clk
  • Watch the DBx500 PRCMU drivers update
  • Mainline some ux500 U-Boot stuff so it can atleast boot he system.


  • Appended device trees does not work for us. Still don't know why.
  • Shanghaiied for internal advisory at ST-Ericsson for too much time last week, ~20-30% so I'll be working from home a bit to reduce stress levels.

Per Forlin <>


  • sent out patches to fix boot-parameters for MMC fault injection with help from Akinobu Mita (mmc: add module param to set fault injection attributes)
  • hacked together a Snowball u-boot on top of v2011-06 to help DT development on Snowball.
  • run kexec-reboot on Snowball, had to do some patching and disable SMP in order to kexec-reboot successfully.

Completed work items


  • This is my last day I'm leaving Linaro and returning to development at
  • ST-Ericsson. You may contact me at Thanks for a great time!

john stultz <>


  • Attended Linux Plumbers & presented my BOF on (K)Config fragments

  • Sent out patches described in my BOF to lkml for review & feedback.

  • At Plumbers, discussed wakelock alternative idea with Rafael J. Wysocki (PM Maintainer), Amit Kucheria, Mark Gross (Intel) and others.
  • Met up with Mark Gross in Portland to further discuss his ideas for wakelock alternatives. Reviewed his initial prototype, and started some off-list email discussions with other pm folks.
  • Started prototyping my own wakelock alternative approach (very early stages).
  • Added SCHED_MC to Linaro+Android defconfigs
  • Updated and pushed Linaro+Android tree for 11.09
  • My 3.1 queue of fixes for RTC/AlarmTimers was merged into mainline
  • My 3.2 queue of alarmtimer fixes has been merged into -tip


* Continue working on wakelock alternative prototyping and discussions

  • Discuss config fragment tooling patches.

Arnd Bergmann

Dave Martin

Jason Hui

Manjunath Kondaiah

Mounir Bsaibes

Niklas Hernaeus

Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy

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