Nicalos Pitre

  • Reviewed enable_fiq/disable_fiq changes from svenkatr
  • Initial review of Tixy's kprobes test code
  • Posted "musb_debugfs.c: remove unneeded includes on ARM" for comments
  • Scratched the surface of the EHCI performance problem on Cortex-A9 with SMP enabled
  • Posted a set of patches revamping the low level debug code for OMAP
  • Continued work on the big mach/memory.h removal patch series
  • Administrivia for the ARM kernel workshop and ELC in Prague, immediately followed by Linaro Connect in Orlando (flight booking, etc)

John Stultz <>

  • Linux Plumbers Conference, Presenting Kconfig talk a BoF.
  • Will Summarize the talk after the conference

Jason Hui <>


  • 1:1 with Deepak for the current status sync, concern shared.
  • Send email to Will D for the offline cpu to bootloader mode, get feedback from him and it seems Will get stuck there.
  • i.MX6Q (4 Cortex-A9 cores SMP) u-boot upstream preparation.


  • 11.11 task
  • i.MX6Q (4 Cortex-A9 cores SMP) u-boot upstream preparation.

Shawn Guo <>


  • Rewrote the Freescale internal i.mx6q clock codes. With the common pattern applied as much as possible, the LOC gets reduced to ~2K from the original ~5K (including register header).


  • Post i.mx6q series

"G, Manjunath Kondaiah" <>


  • submitted dt migrated patches(v2) for i2c controller along with generic board files for omap3 and omap4
  • The patch series was missing twl driver handling due platform_data issue[was waiting for Grant's feedback]
  • Benoit has posted patch series on top of v2 which eliminates aux_data usage and handles twl driver
  • was on vacation from 2011-08-29 to 2011-09-02


  • omap dt migrated patches for i2c, twl and gpio are posted for review comments.
  • rework for any comments and target patches for v3.2

Thomas Abraham <>


  • Submitted second version of pl330 dma controller device tree support patches.
  • Submitted gpio and pinctrl device tree support patches for exynos4.
  • Submitted gic and interrupt combiner controller device tree support patches for exynos4.
  • Submitted rtc device tree support patch for samsung's rtc driver.
  • Reviewed Linus W's pinctrl v5 patches and checked suitability for exynos4=
  • Started working on device tree support for exynos4 keypad controller driver.


  • Submit device tree support patches for exynos4 keypad controller driver.
  • Re-test pl330 dma controller device tree patches with v8 version of pl330 driver update patches from Boojin Kim.
  • Start preparation for single dt-enabled board file for smdkv310 and origen boards.


  • Will be on leave on September 9th.

Linus Walleij <>


  • Pushed out v6 (Ice Cream Sanwich) of the pinctrl/pinmux subsystem: kernel &m=131486959614376&w=2 finally some consensus is building up with nVidia folks

  • Found a regression in the Integrator resulting from PCI consolidation work as part of hardware.h cleanup work.

  • Discussed a standardized secure world interface through Global Platforms TEE. Apparently there are many stakeholders in this consortium.


  • Help Niklas get device tree going
  • v7 (Janitor) iteration of the pinctrl + pinmux subsystem
  • Third round around the gpio.h cleanups.
  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Drive generalization of U300 and Nomadik GPIO
  • Get into struct clk generalization and movement of clk drivers into drivers/clk - handover from Jeremy Kerr. We will do this in Cambridge or something like that.
  • Watch the DBx500 PRCMU drivers update


  • Shanghaiied for internal advisory at ST-Ericsson for say 19% of working hours last week.

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