Thomas Abraham <>


  • Submitted pl330 DMA driver device tree support patches for review.
  • Samsung's uart irq handling patches that move irq handling from platform code to driver is accepted in Greg's tty tree.


  • Submit second version of pl330 DMA driver dt patches.
  • Submit gpio and pinctrl dt support patches for Exynos4.


  • Was on leave on 29th August.

Deepak Saxena <>


  • Wrote kernel process overview for August member update
  • Lots of 1:1s

* Complete reviews for IBM folks (Arnd, John)

  • Started thinking about post 11.11 tasks

Plans for This Week

  • 1:1s, regularly scheduled meetings
  • Follow up with Nicolas P. on zImage consolidation task list
  • Develop BPs and specs for kernel CI loop

Upcoming Travel/Time Off

  • Linux Plumber's Conf Sept 7-9
  • PTO Sept. 12th/13th, 26th/27th
  • Tentative travel to ELC-E/LinuxCon-E Oct 26-28
  • Linaro Connect Oct 31st - Nov 4

Per Forlin <>


  • Started work on kexec for snowball, large block size and upgrade snowball u-boot patches to 2011-v6.


  • bug fixing dma and mmc in linux 3.1
  • wrap up kexec and u-boot upgrade for snowball
  • only 7 days left in Linaro, 2 days in week 35 and 5 days in week 37

Shawn Guo <>

Device Tree

  • Brought up i.mx6q SMP support
  • Added the support of ARM Dormant/Shutdown mode on i.mx6q
  • A v3.1-rc2 and device tree based kernel is running on i.mx6q


  • Sort the clock code out and start submitting i.mx6q series

Nicolas Pitre <>

PATCH review

  • NR_IRQS consolidation/removal patch series (from svenkatr)
  • MMU disabling code and kexec fixes (from Will Daecon)
  • change from backtrace to dump_stack_regs in show_regs (from Laura Abbott)

Upstream contributions

  • Rebased and resubmitted my patch to get rid of a few StrongARM cache-related build time constants (prerequisite to another patch series removing most instances of <mach/memory.h>)

  • Continued work on removal of <mach/vmalloc.h>, explored ways to ddynamically set VMALLOC_START at run time. Nothing satisfactory so far.

Linaro kernel maintenance

  • Merged those fixes:
    • Fix Thumb-2 undef handling for multi-CPU kernels
    • EXYNOS4: Add restart hook for proper reboot

Tixy <>


  • Posted a patch to fix jprobes on Thumb kernels then realised that this was insufficient. There is a more basic problem with thumb symbol lookup which needs resolving.
  • Finished preparing and posted kprobes test code to the linux-arm-kernel list.
  • Improved my flash performance use case an simulation programs to provide details of timings so that simulation accuracy can be mor easily judged.
  • Ran more combinations of flash performance use cases.
  • Single zImage work: The patches "Remove define CONSISTENT_DMA_SIZE" were pulled by RMK for inclusion in Linux 3.2.


  • Write up current results for flash performance investigation.
  • On holiday Sept 2nd, start new job in Linaro after that.


  • I don't know if I will have enough time to resolve the thumb symbol lookup issue.
  • If kprobes test code doesn't get accepted into mainline kernel then we need to find another home for it.

Linus Walleij <>


  • Pushed out v5 of the pinctrl/pinmux subsystem: addressed numerous review comments and likely creating new noise, there is no end to the fun :-D

  • Russell merged the bulk of gpio.h cleanup patches from Linaro Connect, iterating the remaining pieces that collide with other subtrees.
  • Put PrimeCell magic consolidation patch into Russells tracker for consideration.

  • Got new ARM Integrator core modules from Philippe at ARM - now I can test and maintain Integrator a bit more.
  • Discussed a standardized secure world interface following Russells remark that this is very needed, send off a
    • suggestion to Rusling to poke the ARM Global Platform assignees and the TSC about doing something about this through Global Platform.


  • v6 iteration of the pinctrl + pinmux subsystem
  • Third round around the gpio.h cleanups.
  • Test the PL08x patches on the Ericsson Research PB11MPCore and submit platform data for using pl08x DMA on that platform.
  • Drive generalization of U300 and Nomadik GPIO
  • Get into struct clk generalization and movement of clk drivers into drivers/clk - handover from Jeremy Kerr. We will do this in Cambridge or something like that.
  • Watch the DBx500 PRCMU drivers update


* Shanghaiied for internal advisory at ST-Ericsson for say 25% of working hours last week.

Jason Hui <>


  • i.MX code clean up and consolidation: patch-set has been merged to soc tree through Sascha pull request. Jason Liu (6):
    • ARM: mx25: Print silicon revision on boot ARM: mx27: Print silicon revision on boot ARM: mx31: use generic function for displaying silicon revision ARM: mx35: use generic function for displaying silicon revision ARM: mx5: use generic function for displaying silicon revision ARM: i.MX: initialize l2x0 at early_init time
  • The following patch-set has been send out for review: Jason Liu (2):
    • ARM: i.MX5/mm: Consolidate arch/arm/mach-mx5/mm-*.c ARM: i.MX5/mm: use static mapping for TZIC
  • MTD core bug fix:


  • 11.11 task
  • 1:1 with Deepak
  • uboot upstream
  • kernel upstream

john stultz <>


  • Did an IBM internal presentation on Android and how Linaro is helping
  • Worked on my Kconfig talk for Linux Plumbers.
  • Implemented the proposed config tooling for config fragments, as discussed in my Kconfig talk.
  • Did Beagle XM testing for the 11.08-rc Android Platform Images.
  • Made final 11.08 linaro+android kernel, and managed to push it properly through Gerrit
  • Pinged Ingo about patches for 3.1 I sent to tglx, which haven't yet been merged.


* On vacation until Linux Plumbers Conf. Will effectively be out for the next two weeks.


  • Number of patches queued for 3.1 still haven't been pulled into -tip because of Thomas being offline. Concerned they might not make the 3.1 release while I'm out of town.

Arnd Bergmann

Dave Martin

Jason Hui

John Stultz

Manjunath Kondaiah

Mounir Bsaibes

Nicolas Pitre

Niklas Hernaeus

Paul McKenney

Per Forlin

Shawn Guo

Thomas Abraham

Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy

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