Shawn Guo <>

Device Tree

  • The updated "alias" patch is waiting for Grant's comment/ack
  • Keeping monitoring the pinmux DT patches from Stephen Warren and Jamie Iles, as I have the same issue in the way of converting non-dt board files to dt.
  • Got one i.mx6q board. Started adding DT support for it as well as trying to get the initial support for this new SoC upstreamed. Right now, I have got a v3.1-rc2 based device tree kernel running into console with nfs root on this board. But there are still some codes I need to rework before I can post the patches, especially on clock support.


  • The imx mach/gpio.h cleanup patch set was picked by Sascha.
  • Refactor the ifdeffery of DEBUG_LL support based on Kconfig choice patch from Will Deacon.


  • i.MX6Q upstreaming with device tree support

Dave Martin <>

Activity Summary

  • vexpress device tree: got a booting kernel (with some hacks) platform devices are now populated from the device tree, but IRQ assignments are all messed up -- I need to discuss with Lorenzo about this.
  • v6/v7 single kernel Thumb-2 undef fixup patches accepted by Russell for v3.2 window.
  • Some time spent supporting local people using linaro deliverables.


  • fix, tidy up vexpress dt patches
  • Write up brief advice for Thumb-2 kernel migration.
  • Write up detailed proposal for assembler state save/restore.
  • Check whether the new kernel trees work in Thumb-2 on mx51evk and follow up with Freescale landing team.


  • probable absence of ~3 days around the start of September

Thomas Abraham <>

  • Working on dt support for dma driver.
  • Submit dt support patches for dma driver.
  • Was on leave from 17th to 19th August.

Jason Hui <>

Activities Summary

  • MX53 NAND driver support, done, patches send out to mtd ML, driver patch accepted by Artem to l2-mtd-2.6.git
  • MX53 EVK NAND support, done, =A0 patches send out linux-arm ML, this patch-set is blocked by DT support. I will re-submit it with DT support after current board level DT convert finished.
  • Post arch/arm/mach-mx5/mm: clean and consolidate patchset to linux-arm ML.
  • watch the discussion for the DEBUG_LL and uart setting for uncompress on linux-arm ML.
  • review and test i.mx5 u-boot patches of


  • 11.11 task
  • uboot upstream
  • kernel upstream

Per Forlin <>


  • This week (only 3 days), finishing up the last patches on MMC and USB BPs.
    • The USB mass storage patch about having variable number of pipeline buffers is queued for 3.2.
      • [PATCH v5] usb: gadget: storage: make FSG_NUM_BUFFERS variable size
    • Fault injection for MMC is queued for 3.2
      • [PATCH v9 0/3] mmc: make fault injection available for MMC IO
  • Started to work on first step is to study the current implementation and infrastructure in block layer and vfs

Completed work items

  • The following two BPs are done, some patches are merged for 3.1 and

the rest will be in 3.2.


  • Prio 1. Start on large block size support
  • Prio 2. kexec for Snowball

john stultz <>


  • Effort merging Android patches (specifically timer related) was noted during the Linux Con chat between Linus and Greg.
  • Merged 11.08 Linaro kernel into Linaro+Android tree
  • Tested, tagged, and released linux-linaro-3.0-2011.08-0-android-0 & linux-linaro-3.0-2011.08-0-android-1 kernels.

  • Worked on internal presentation
  • Worked on Kconfig fragment talk for LPC
  • Did beagle xm testing for Android 11.08 release. Ran into some issues with 0xbench not completing.
  • Helped diagnose some community RTC issues


  • Continue to work on LPC talk for the majority of next week.


  • Still need to sort out internal gerrit process for linaro+android kernel (I still can't push to gerrit without requiring each change to be reviewed by two people, which won't work).

Manjunath Kondaiah

Nicolas Pitre

Niklas Hernaeus

Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy

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