Anand Gadiyar

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Aneesh V

Arnd Bergmann

Kernel Development

  • Reviewed drivers: MEI, cg2900, 23c2510, spear13xx-pcie
  • Continued guiding the graduation of the IIO drivers from staging

Flash memory

  • Discussed about DRM features for SD cards
  • Integrated results from flashbench-results mailing list into wiki

Dave Martin

== hardware-n-kernel-standard-architecture ==

  • Put out an RFC regarding how VFP/NEON state should be represented in core files. Agreed with Ulrich Weigand that there should be a new note, with structure matching that yielded by the PTRACE_GETVFPREGS call.

== miscellaneous ==

  • Some time spent helping work around network issues in the Linaro Cambridge office. Set up a fallback DNS/DHCP server in case of a repeat of the router failures observed previously.
  • Some time spent helping Dave Pigott get up to speed.
  • Set up an iMX53 loco board in the Linaro Cambridge office.
  • Some more time spent dealing with ARM internal issues.


  • iMX53 loco boards can't auto-power-on, which is a problem
    • for the validation farm. ericm and the Freecale guys are investigating possible workarounds.

Jason Lui



Jeremy Kerr

John Stultz

== Highlights ==

  • Worked on my Android ELC presentation
  • CLOCK_BOOTTIME was merged into 2.6.39
  • Released initial omap4 defconfig for Linaro Android kernel
  • Reviewed PTP patchset on lkml
  • Assisting another team with customer NTP issue.
  • Identified and resolved a RTC regression with Xen
  • Discussed issues surrounding the new direction of the RTC drivers

== Issues ==

  • Still have the config work that is getting pinched for time. May need some extra assistance with those work items.

Mian Yousaf Kaukab

Mounir Bsaibes

  • Meetings: setup agenda, summarized minutes, collected activity reports, created the Weekly Status report.
  • Reviewed the bugs, assigned Importance
  • Reviewed Blueprints and followed out on items behind schedule
  • Power Management PM activities
  • Toolchain PM activities

Nicolas Pitre

Upstream oriented activities

  • Review/comments on Jon Medhurst's (aka Tixy) initial kprobes patches for Thumb2.
  • Discussion on LKML about board specific quirks applied to generic USB drivers, that originated from a set of RFC patches from Andy Green. A solution involving two fronts was found which should improve ethernet configuration on the Panda and similar boards.
  • Final review of John Bonesio's patch to append a DTB to kernel zImage.
  • More tracking of merge progress in mainline during the merge window.

Linaro kernel activities

  • Briefly discussed LTTng issues. Modules will be separately built. Still waiting a bit more before merging LTTng for OMAP4 fixes.
  • Rebuilt the linaro-2.6.38 branch from scratch, and propose it to replace the current kernel tree. This includes:
    • Linux v2.6.38
    • RMK's branches for mainline (devel, devel-stable, for-linus, etc.)
    • Latest USB, MMC, I2C, MFD, and async_tx support from mainline
    • Latest merges for OMAP, MSM, Tegra, (available outside of RMK's branches)
    • The v2.6.38.1 stable branch
    • OMAP fixes for I2C and SMC95xx MAC/dev_name
    • More minor fixes.

Nishant Kamat

Paul McKenney


  • Attended TSC meeting in Bangalore
  • Pushed several more license approvals through the process.


  • -next testing located a bug in RCU priority boosting, which I am working.

Per Forlin

Storage performance

mmc async (optimizations for dma)

mmc trim

  • Extended trim test cases with secure erase and trim but write performance (after trim) is still not as high as expected. I probably need to go over the eMMC spec again to find my mistakes.

Sanjeev Premi

Shawn Guo

Device Tree

  • Squash sdhci-pltfm-driver-self-registration series which becomes one patch of sdhci-pltfm&OF-driver-consolidation series

  • Sent a fec dt patch to fix build failure with pure non-dt kernel
  • Tested dtb-append patch v3 from John Bonesio on mx51 babbage and found non-dt kernel works fine, but dt kernel fails


  • Reviewed and tested fec improving patch from Lothar

Thomas Abraham

  • Submitted a basic device tree patch for smdkv310 board for inclusion in smdkv310 hardware pack
  • Submitted second version of prerequisite patchset for device tree support on s5pv310 (

  • Working on adding device tree based clock lookup code (based on of_clock_add_provider)

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