Anand Gadiyar

Aneesh V

Arnd Bergmann

Merge window status

  • My final BKL patches were all merged.
  • unicore32 architecture was merged, I've spent a lot of time reviewing that in the past.

Kernel development

  • Did a review of the IIO (industrial I/O) code in drivers/staging, from which an extensive discussion started
  • Reviewed arm vt8500 clock code and LPS001WP pressure sensor
  • and continued commenting on drivers I previously reviewed

Flash memory performance

  • Incorporated new measurements from other people into survey
  • Updated wiki page

Dave Martin


  • Some discussion with Tixy about the proposed Thumb-2 kprobes work.

Jason Lui

Jeremy Kerr

John Stultz

Mian Yousaf Kaukab

  • Patch set for DMA support in USB for U8500 was sent to linux-usb. No comments so far.
  • Patch set v2 is now in internal review.

Mounir Bsaibes

  • Vacation

Nicolas Pitre

Upstream oriented activities

  • Another review on John Bonesio's patch to allow the concatenation of a dtb with the kernel zImage.
  • Discussion with Dave Martin and " Tixy" about kprobes for Thumb2.
  • tracking of merge progress in mainline during the merge window.
  • Patch to kernel/sleep.S: fix Thumb2 compilation issues

Linaro kernel activities

  • Merged the following into the linaro-2.6.38 tree:
    • The mainline v2.6.38 release
    • The 'rmk/fixes' branch
    • The 'rmk/devel-stable' branch
    • Fix assembler breakage in sleep34xx.S from John Rigby
    • The '(rmk/misc' branch
    • OMAP4: PandaBoard: remove unused power regulators

Nishant Kamat

Paul McKenney

Per Forlin

Storage performance mmc async liability

  • Added basic fault generation in core.c, using fault injection framework, to trigger error handling in the mmc async block device implementation
  • Run DT ( on top of a vanilla kernel with the fault generation successfully. Next step if to run this on mmc async and fix bugs. When stable I will rebase on 2.6.39 and post patches.

Sanjeev Premi

Shawn Guo

Device Tree

  • Sent out the v2 of mx51-platform-dt-clock
  • Studied and tested Grant's preregister branch on babbage board
  • Sent out sdhci-device-self-registration patch set for review


  • Prepare document for Hungary VISA application

Thomas Abraham

Device Tree

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