Anand Gadiyar

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Aneesh V

Arnd Bergmann

Kernel development

  • (hopefully) last round of BKL removal patches
  • bug hunting: macvtap, omap-serial, lo
  • code review: SPEAr13xx PCIe, slack timers

Flash devices

  • Helped out a few flashbench users
  • Measured various USB flash device
  • Started discussions with a PHD student who wants to write a new flash file system

Dave Martin

Jason Hui

Device Tree

  • MX51 DT support patchset V2 send out,
  • Evaluate how to handle the platform data issue

Kernel config

  • complete the full set Kconfig by using kconfig fragment which produce the same output with mx51_defconfig,


  • MX53 loco board support patchset, will be merged soon when the window is open
  • Some small kernel/uboot patches upstreamed.

Jeremy Kerr

common clk API

  • Reworked patches from more community feedback
  • Sent v13 & v14 of common clk API patches

John Stultz

Posix Alarm Timers

  • CLOCK_BOOTTIME patches were merged into -tip by tglx for 2.6.39
  • LWN Article on alarm timers was published:

  • Got some good discussion in the comments going.

Config Work

  • Created First pass Kconfig fragments for imx51, vexpress and omap3, as well as a distro Kconfig.
  • Working to minimize the difference between the kconfig fragments and the current Linaro config files.

Linaro Android Kernel

  • Synced with Jesse about shipping a Panda board to me for testing with the Android kernel. Should be on its way.

Linaro Misc

  • Attended linaro technical resources kick-off meeting.

Mian Yousaf Kaukab

  • USB works out of the box in PIO mode on U8500 since v2.6.38-rc3
  • Work on DMA support is in progress.

Mounir Bsaibes

  • Meetings setup, Activity reports, and weekly release status
  • Travel arrangement for IBM
  • Tested and opened abug against IGEP with alpha3 release
  • create a oneClickImage script to download and install images automatically.

Nicolas Pitre

Upstream oriented activities

  • Review and comments on John Bonesio's patch to allow the concatenation of a dtb with the kernel zImage.
  • Fix for the patch removing the fixed 4x zImage inflation.
  • Couple additional patch reviews from the lak mailing list.

Linaro kernel activities

  • Merged the following into the linaro-2.6.38 tree:
    • OMAP Cpuidle optimization patches from Vishwanath Sripathy
    • OMAP4 MPU DVFS patches from Vishwanath Sripathy
    • Workaround for bad module relocation with Thumb2 from Dave Martin
    • The 'fixes' branch from RMK
    • OMAP fixes from Tony Lindgren
    • The mainline tree up to 2.6.38-rc7.
    • Addition of errata 753970 and USB to UX500's defconfig from Linus Walleij
    • Some OMAP I2C fixes from Andy Green (might have to be revisited after some comments from Benoit Cousson)
  • Some investigations for bug 720055 (nothing concrete so far, although dmart seems to have zoomed even closer to the problematic code).
  • Initial look at the Mali kernel tree which pretty much stopped at the diffstat (more than 30k lines in a single commit).


  • I will be away next week, back on March 14th.

Nishant Kamat

Paul McKenney

Wiki Work

Dev Work

  • overo testing on alpha3
  • investigating eth0 issue with Overo

Per Forlin

Storage performance test


  • On vacation last Friday
  • Received a Panda board last Friday. This will be used for testing mmc async patches on omap_hsmmc.

Sanjeev Premi

Shawn Guo

Device Tree

  • Review and test mx51 dt patch v2 from Jason
  • Sent out the preview version of patch set 'dynamically adding clk per dt nodes'


  • Test l-m-c and report issues

Thomas Abraham

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