Anand Gadiyar

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Aneesh V

Arnd Bergmann

Dave Martin


  • Function-body copying patch now merged in Russell's tree.
  • Upstream kernel broke SMP-on-UP:
  • SMP-on-UP generates fixup info to be applied at kernel boot.
  • Unneeded code is selectively discarded from the kernel at link-time.
  • SMP-on-UP fixups cannot be selectively discarded...
  • -> we have to keep a load of dead code in the kernel becauseome of it is referenced by fixups :( Discussing a workaround on alkml and within linaro to at least get a building kernel and see if there's a better way forward.

  • Ran into problems trying to validate my omap Thumb-2 compatibility patches, because upstream (2.6.38-rc2, at least) appears broken on Beagle xM.



  • Set up two remotely-accessible panda boards in the linaro cambridge office.
  • The two boards are configured as panda01 and panda02 on
  • Spent a bit of time looking into feasibility of porting apt- get to use a different backend for faster downloading of package list updates etc. Looks potentially useful, But it doesn't look like a good all- round solution can be trivially arrived at. May continue to spend a bit of time looking into this, but itisn't a priority.


  • Find a working upstream kernel version and validate omap Thumb-2 compatibility patches on Panda and Beagle xM.
  • Discuss prioritisation for outstanding kernel tasks.
  • Write up the output from the Freescale i.MX BSP review discussion, and post for comment.


  • None planned.

Jason Hui

Jeremy Kerr

John Stultz

Android Linaro Kernel

  • Got Android disk image booting on BeagleBoard xM

  • Spent a good chunk of the week resolving config issues and merge issues that was keeping the Linaro+Android kernel from booting in an Android environment. Required lots of git gymnastics to resolve.
  • Pushed booting Linaro+Android kernel to my linaro git tree: git:// dev/
  • Scheduled weekly irc meeting with OESF folks to sync Android kernel work

Misc Android items

  • Mailed Patrik and Alexander some questions on the goals and plans of Android Platform work.
  • Looking into what the minimal patchset to the Linux kernel is in order to run the Android user environment. So far Binder+ASHMEM seems to let it boot, but a few applications seem unstable, so more is likely needed.
  • Did some research on community review and reception of the binder and ashmem patches. Trying to get some ideas on future work items there.

Android Upstreaming - Posix Alarm Timers

  • More internal review on proposed lwn article.
  • Got few fixes for regressions caused by my RTC rework into mainline.

Config work

  • Researched conf system into how kconfigs are parsed


* Reviewed "move do_timer" patches by Torben Hohn

Mian Yousaf Kaukab

  • On Holiday

Mounir Bsaibes

Nicolas Pitre

  • Made highmem available on ARMv6 with no hardware broadcasted TLB
  • Search for a solution to the problem of having discarded sections
    • in the kernel which are generating fixup annotations in another section breaking the build (this is used by the SMP on UP feature). Didn't find any better than RMK and Dave Martin i.e. keep discarded

      section at link time and discard them at run time like the init section. Dave posted about this issue on the toolchain list:

  • More patches to merge in linaro-2.6.35 from various people (PM
    • tracing, U8500 build issues, S5PV310 fixes, etc.)
  • Searched for patches that could fix the lack of display output on
    • Panda. Asked Anand Gadiyar for help.
  • Usual mailing list monitoring.

Nishant Kamat

Paul McKenney

Per Forlin

Storage performance eMMC

  • Run IOZone on btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4 for different FS-align and block size.
  • Run test to verify benefit of TIRM but the mmci driver hangs when using TRIM extensively.
  • Started to investigate and test the BG feature in eMMC 4.41, somewhat depends on the TRIM performance.
  • Two more work items, fix TRIM issue in mmci and sketch double buffering patch for SDHCI.

Sanjeev Premi

Shawn Guo

Thomas Abraham

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