KWG New Assignee Resources

Welcome to Linaro's KWG! You may be joining Linaro with little experience working with the upstream kernel community or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran who has been personally flamed by Linus Torvalds himself. In either case, this page lists several resources and action items to help you get up and running quickly. For those who fall under the experience category and just need to get their environment setup, jump here.

Hardware Requirements

All assignees are required to have access to modern x86 system for building and testing of kernels. Ideally, this would be either a system that you can remotely access while you are at Linaro Connect events or a powerful laptop that can be used for build/test purposes. This system should be running a suitably modern Linux distro (Ubutnu, SuSe, RedHat, etc) as work you do in KWG will require you to install packages that have dependencies on updated libraries.

Upstream Kernel Process

If you are new to working with the upstream kernel community, there are several resources you should read through to help you better understand how it works:

Specific Technical Subjects

Apart from the kernel Documentation directory, the LWN kernel article index is a source for articles on almost any technical subject in the kernel.

Following All the Changes

The Linux kernel changes at a rapid pace with 10000+ individual patches going into every new version, each being discussed in a multitude of mailing lists. It is impossible to stay on top of all of these code changes that may affect the work you are doing; however, there are several resources to help you:

* Linux Weekly New's kernel section is updated weekly with a summary of major changes going into the kernel and also 1 or 2 in depth articles about specific topics. If you do not have subscription, you can only read up to the prior week and it is highly suggested that you get your member company to get you a subscription.

* Phoronix is a Linux specific site that covers not just the kernel but overall Linux news and analysis.

* The Kernel Newbies Linux Changes page provides an overview of the major changes in every kernel release.

Using Git

As you should already know, git is the source control tool used by the Linux kernel community to manage the kernel development process. If you are unfamiliar with git or only used to using git within an internal company setting (possibly with gerrit), please see the following documents and presentations:

* Git From the Bottom Up:

* Linaro Kernel Hackers Share Git Tips:

* Pro Git Book:

Git Hosting

Linaro provides a server for engineers to host public and private git trees. See Git Hosting Accounts.

Project Management

Linaro uses the Jira tool for managing our processes. See JIRA Blueprint handling for information on how we map upstream development to this tool. If you have any questions, email Jakub Pavelek, the kernel working group's program manager.

Staying Connected

The Linux community, as well as Linaro, uses several tools to stay connected with each other and as a Linaro assignee, you are expected to also use these.

Mailing Lists

There are several community and Linaro mailing lists that you should subscribe to:

The linux-arm-kernel list is where the majority of ARM-related kernel development discussions take place. Even if you are not currently working

Linaro hosts several mailing lists on our [[|mailman sever] that you should subscribe to: linaro-dev and linaro-kernel.

Note that your inbox will be flooded with these various lists so it is highly recommended that you setup appropriate gmail filters to move these messages into separate folders.


Linaro uses Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for our primary online chat system. See for information on setting up IRC clients and which channels to use.

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