Web Streaming Linaro Connect Q1.12

The Plan

  • No live streaming of plenary sessions. Record each one and post to youtube afterwards
  • Optional live streaming of engineering hacking sessions. Teams will initiate a Google Hangout instance as needed
  • Live streaming of all Fishbowl sessions (5 rooms). Use Google Hangout for streaming
  • Develop Snowball video conferencing to run Google Hangout and swap for laptop if possible
  • There may be issues for some remote participants in using Google Hangouts behind their company firewall. So, some sessions may require teleconference in addition

The Details

In room requirements

  • Webcams: 5 session rooms require 5 webcams. Any spec requirement? ACTION: Arwen to purchase webcams

    Joey: if they are attached to boards, it may be that only the camera attachment to the panda will work. If we run the Ubuntu LEB then we should be able to use the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 which is available for ~$69 USD and is widescreen (when you video chat with me it's what I use)
  • Speakers: We have laptop speakers. These are ~ probably OK. If not, we could buy better ones in SFO
  • Microphones: Arwen speaking with Terry from avdotcom to agree requirements

    Joey: If you use the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 it has a built-in microphone which is very good so there would be no need for something extra. 
  • Projectors/Screen: Will definitely have 1 projector/screen per room. Propose that Google Hangout is used to host shared presentations, etherpad notes etc. Also propose to use chat facility rather than irc.
    • Do we also need a second projector
  • Laptops: Need laptop per room to run the Hangout. My preference is to send a mail to everyone@ requesting 5 spare laptops.
    • Is it realistic to expect people may bring some or should we purchase?
    • Is there any minimum spec requirement (in addition to having the outlets needed for the various hardware)
    • May replace with 1 Snowball during the week hence preference is not to purchase laptops

Remote participation requirement

  • Set up Google Hangout for each Fishbowl room (5)
    • Suggest setting up 3 per room, on assumption we won’t have more than 30 people dialling in to any session
  • List on Connect website, suggest either on the Schedule page or a daughter off the page
  • Communicate remote participation process
    • How to join a Google Hangout
    • How to join the Linaro Google Hangouts
    • What order to join the Hangouts, and what to do if a Hangout is full

Amber: Do we want to record the google_hangout sessions? Mashable posted an article on how to do this but I haven't tested the tools they review. http://mashable.com/2011/08/05/google-plus-record-hangouts/


  • Do a trial run through at the hotel itself in each room
  • Provide print out instructions in each room
  • Sunday: Have a session with all Session leaders explaining how Google Hangouts work
    • Inclouding how to set up multiple sessions
  • Repeat Monday and Tuesday

Amber: The instructions maybe something we also want to give (if it's not on the badges) attendees when they pick up their badges and items upon arriving for registration at the venue.

Other Comments

Amber: For the plenary Session recordings, are we going to brand them and add them to youtube immediately after the sessions? Or at least 24 hours after the sessions end. This would also be a good time for Andy to show a core set of people what he is using to edit the video and whomever this person or group may happen to be gets practice editing the videos while there is someone who can help and see what they are doing if they miss a step or something

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