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Linaro Web Site Maintenance Needs

This page is for tracking broken links, stale pages, and needed pages that have occurred as a result of process evolution and shifting prioirities. WIKI as well as main web page can be covered. When something is fixed, please just remove it from this list. Anyone seeing this page should feel free to pick up any of the tasks on the list, and work on a solution, then remove it from the list. Alternately anyone noticing something that should be cleaned up but don't feel you have the access/experise/know the solution can add it.

If something remains on this list for more than a month, it should be turned into a bug and tracked against (and removed from this page). Basically this is for tracking those things noticed, but not worth the overhead of filing a bug.

Needed Pages


proposed location

person commenting on need

new member orientation and introduction to linaro


jon masters (Red Hat/LEG TSC) 20130206-Scott B. references a document, will follow up with Joe can be WIKI pages


referenced from

Stale Pages


updates needed

Papyrus, processes to be followed in 2013