LEB Manual for Developers and Users of Linaro

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Downloading Prebuilt and Release Software

Linaro releases as well as development snapshots are distributed in two parts. First is the rootdisk that is made available in various user space flavors. The second is the hardware pack that should match the hardware that you are going to run on.

User Space Flavors

Linaro Evaluation Build

This Linaro Evaluation Build is a larger image which combines the Ubuntu desktop experience with Linaro optimizations for arm.



This image is a community maintained image



Hardware Packs (hwpack)

Daily Snapshots : http://snapshots.linaro.org/11.05-daily/linaro-hwpacks/ 10.11 Release: http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-m/hwpacks/final/ 11.05 Release: http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-n/hwpacks/final/

  • efikamx
  • igep
  • imx51
  • lt-mx53loco
  • lt-s5pv310
  • lt-snowball
  • lt-u8500
  • omap3-x11-base
  • omap3
  • overo
  • panda-x11-base
  • panda
  • s5pv310
  • vexpress

Ubuntu Software Archive

Linaro Software Archives

Archives & PPAs

Downloading Source


Linaro Media Create

Hardware Packs

Tools for Building

Tool Chain for building Kernel and Drivers

Build Instructions

Setting up build environment

Building u-boot

Building x-loader

Building Kernel

Building a kernel driver

Building a user space package



Howto Add Device Tree Support for Your Board

Boot Args

Hardware Packs

Creating a Custom Hardware Pack

Root File System

Howto Create a Custom Root File System

Howto update Root File System

Boot time

Howto Extend Linaro Media Create For Your Board

Further Software



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