Template Items

this page serves as a template repository for all items written in this wiki. Here are some pointers:


 ||||<rowbgcolor="#333333" rowstyle="color: white; font-weight: bold;"style="text-align: center;">Header ||
 || [[Column 1]] || Columns 2 ||

chage the "text-align:" to move the header text to the "right" or "left" or just keep it in the "center"

Wrapping Text Around Images

{{attachment:teams.png|alt text|align="right"}}

Note: Don't forget to attach the image

You can change the location of the image by choosing the "align:" option to be either "right" or "left"

General Style

  • Please start the page with a title using the "= title ="
  • Please let the tables default to the theme settings with the exception of the heading (outlined above)


If you want to add a nice note, all you need is this

||<rowbgcolor="#ededed"> {{attachment:note.png}} || Text or [[ http://Google.com | link to google ]] ||

Note: Don't forget to attach the image for the note


Text or link to google