TSC Monthly Status (April)

At last month's face to face meeting in Bangalore we discussed and created the first cut at an amalgamated set of technical requirements. The key themes were the need to reduce the time to market of Android and tackling memory management issues. This fits in with a belief that Linaro should concentrate on 'heavy lifting' problems that are important for the whole membership.

Given the size that Linaro has now grown too, this consolidation work is far more complex than it was last year. This has meant that April has been busy with the TSC meeting with each of the technical leads discussing the priorities and technical requirements for their team. To do this we had to meet every week, sometimes more than once. Whilst this is hard work, it needed to be done in time to schedule the technical tracks ready for the Linaro Developer Summit in Budapest next month. The discussions have been lively, detailed and constructive.

The results of all these labours can be found here - https://wiki.linaro.org/Cycles/1111/TechnicalTopics.

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