TSC Monthly Status (January/2011)

  • Dallas sprint (see TSC/2011-01-11 and TSC/2011-01-11

    • First TSC face to face meeting of the year
  • Advisor members
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Technical Discussions

The Dallas face to face was the first to feature advisors; we had two, MontaVista and Ubuntu. Both prompted good discussions, particularly on the quality of deliverables. The most lively section of the TSC was the discussions with the technical leads. Amongst other things, we agreed on the requirements process and timeline for the 11.11 engineering cycle. During a discussion about the hardfloat ABI, the TSC decided that it should create technical recommendations. The draft process can be seen at TSC/LTR. The sprint itself was well attended, the TSC members spending some time with the various engineering teams. The next time we have a TSC meeting, we will integrate it better with the sprint / developer summit. Starting with an overview of aims, including the technical leads in discussions and summarising the activities and thoughts of the TSC at the end of the week.

The TSC are going to hold a series of technical discussions, with the aim of helping to understand and refine the technical requirements for the 11.11 engineering cycle. The first three are:

  • Benchmarking
  • Boot architecture (including device tree) and UEFI
  • Power management

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