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May 2011

Blueprints and Requirements




Release announcements are posted on the linaro-announce mailing list.

For the latest progress to date, click here

A complete development report for this release can be found here: 10.11 release specification and progress

Key Work Areas for Cycle 1

This first cycle has been very much about creating a new engineering organisation, building teams, developing the correct engineering processes, and starting the essential work based on an initial set of requirements gathered during formation (see below). Hardware support for this cycle is based around the ARM Versatile Express (Cortex A9) and readily available hardware including TI OMAP 3 and Freescale i.MX51. The next cycle, commencing in November 2010 will incorporate a broad range of the latest ARM v7 Cortex A class hardware.

The team have been busy establishing several key working groups to ensure Linaro resources are working in upstream projects to deliver optimized development tools (Toolchain WG), a single source tree that integrates support for multiple leading edge ARM v7 SoCs (Kernel Consolidation WG), and a common multi vendor approach to infrastructure that enables ARM based SoCs to achieve their full power consumption capability (Power Management WG).

Further working groups are under consideration and will likely be formed during cycle 2. More discussion on key work areas for this cycle.

Technical Requirements

The link above breaks down requirements gathered over the trailing 12 month period. Cycle 1 was not designed to achieve all of these, rather to ensure we make meaningful progress in key area, ramp the organization, and ensure cycle 2 is ready for heavy lifting development.

Hardware Qualification Rules

The following minimum viable requirements have been set for hardware platforms seeking inclusion in the 10.11 release:

  • Agreed landing team structure (Silicon Vendor & Linaro) in place

  • BSP based on 2.6.35 kernel with patches reviewed and on their way upstream
  • Patch sets reviewed and assessed prior to feature freeze date
  • Minimum of 4 boards available to Linaro engineering [8 to 10 recommended]

Development Schedule

The main stages of the Linaro 10.11 release are as follows:




Alpha 1 Release


First alpha of 10.11 Linaro release

Feature Definition Freeze


All prospective features will be defined and acknowledged by the release team.

Import Freeze


All packages from Ubuntu and the Working groups will be imported.

Alpha 2 Release


Second alpha of the 10.11 Linaro release.

Alpha 3 Release


Third alpha of the 10.11 Linaro release.

Feature Freeze


All proposed features will either be at a beta or postponed stage.

Beta Freeze


From now on all uploads to the main Linaro archive will have to be approved by the release team.

Beta Release


Beta of the 10.11 Linaro release.

Final Freeze


From now on all changes to the archive must be approved by the release team. Only critical bugs will be fixed.

Release Candidate


Complete, stable and ready to test by any user. Ideally very little changes happen between this and the final release.

Final Release


Final version of the Linaro 10.11 release.

NOTE: From feature freeze onwards, no new features will be added to the release. At that time it is expected that any new features are substantially complete and ready for testing. Feature freeze allows widespread user testing, feedback and bug reports to be generated and gives developers the time to respond before the final release. By feature freeze, software should have all new features developed, be testable and integrated into the release.

More information on the development schedule can be found in the reference schedule

Current Progress

For the latest progress to date against requirements, click here


Milestone Releases (10.11)


Date Expected

Date Released

Release Page


Alpha 2





Alpha 3







Release Candidate




For the people responsible for making a release milestone image, the steps to do it are here.

The team hold a weekly meeting to discuss any issues that may arise when working towards a release. On occasion the team also meet to discuss other issues including image building, release targeted issues and future direction. To learn more about the weekly release meeting and to see past meetings please use the calendar below:

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