Requested Feature to Released Deliverable

  1. Member or working group raises a feature for consideration to product management.
  2. Feature is tracked on shared spreadsheet.

    • visibility: Internal WIKI: TSC and Linaro members.
    • members can check ongoing status of request on an adhoc basis.
  3. Feature requests are investigated by engineering and product management for sizing and scope, tracked in JIRA Cards as Drafting. Features may be:
    1. grouped into high level requirements, represented by Epic cards and scheduled to be discussed at TSC based on impact, date dependencies. May be represented on Core and Topic Roadmaps as Concept

    2. sorted into an already approved epic card set, and scheduled to be discussed at OPSCOM.
  4. After discussion by TSC of high level requirement, requirement is classified as one of:
    1. Approved Epic card is marked as an Approved Concept on Core Roadmap

    2. Stays on the request list, pending further information from engineering.
    3. Shelved for now, and moved to the "not approved" list.
  5. Product Management communicates back to Feature Sponsor its status.
    1. For approved epic topics, clarification of scope of visibility, and if member only, when it can be made public is established.
    2. For shelved epic topics, determine appropriate period to revisit.
  6. On Core Roadmap: trigger from Approved Concept to Planning:

    1. Engineering fills in Roadmap Cards & Blueprints, links to the Core Roadmap EPIC Card.

    2. After OPSCOM approval of first card of the EPIC topic, status moves to planning.
  7. On Core Roadmap: trigger from Planning to Development:

    1. Engineering has 90% confidence in target end date.
    2. Project Management has status change of all component cards to engineering at OPSCOM review.
  8. On Core roadmap: trigger from Development to Released:

    1. Project Management has status change of all component cards to delivered at OPSCOM review.
    2. Product Management review then raise to TSC for agreement and notification.

note: will be updated to refer to this process and have a workflow diagram.

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