Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 13:16:17 +0100
Subject: Request for Apache 2.0 license for Linaro Android
From: Patrik Ryd <>
To: TSC <>
Cc: Alexander Sack <>, Zach Pfeffer <>,Tony Mansson <>

The Linaro TSC is being requested to grant permission to use the Apache 2.0
license for all source code and files created by Linaro in the Linaro
Android builds for gits created by Linaro.

At the moment the Linaro Android code base has a number of gits containing
files created by Linaro engineers with an unknown license. To be able to
contribute to the Android Open Source Project the the files need a license
and the preferred license is Apache 2.0. Not having a known license will
also prevent some members from using the code.

According to "The preferred
license for the Android Open Source Project is the Apache Software License,
2.0 <> ("Apache 2.0"), and the
majority of the Android software is licensed with Apache 2.0."

Patrik Ryd

Tracking sheet per git

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