The Linaro TSC is being requested to grant permission to redistribute some open source firmware binaries and source with Linaro QEMU under the terms of the GPLv3, GPLv2 and MIT licenses.

QEMU itself is GPLv2; however the standard upstream release tarball includes not just the QEMU sources but also the sources and precompiled binary blobs for firmware/BIOS images for various target platforms (as a convenience for users, since the cross-compile environments to build target firmware are typically painful to set up). Some of these blobs are under non-GPLv2 licenses.

At the moment Linaro's qemu-linaro releases have these sources and binaries stripped out. We'd like to move to having our releases match upstream's, with both sources and binaries shipped in the tarball (and the git repository). We don't anticipate making any Linaro-specific modifications to these, since they're generally for non ARM platforms.

This is a list of the specific binary blobs currently distributed by upstream:

(1) blobs under some license requiring TSC approval:

(2) blobs under a license not requiring TSC approval (GPLv2.x, LGPLv2.x) : listed here for completeness

  • bamboo.dtb, mpc8544ds.dtb, petalogix-ml605.dtb, petalogix-s3adsp1800.dtb -- device tree blobs for PPC : GPLv2-or-later
  • linuxboot.bin, multiboot.bin -- trivial Linux bootloader ROMs, GPLv2-or-later
  • openbios-ppc, openbios-sparc32, openbios-sparc64 -- ROMs for an Open Firmware implementation : GPLv2
  • ppc_rom.bin -- OpenHackWare PPC BIOS ROM : GPLv2

  • pxe-e1000.rom, pxe-eepro100.rom, pxe-pcnet.rom, pxe-rtl8139.rom, pxe-virtio.rom -- iPXE network boot ROMs : GPLv2
  • s390-zipl.rom -- S390 loader : GPLv2
  • vgabios-cirrus.bin, vgabios-qxl.bin, vgabios-stdvga.bin, vgabios-vmware.bin, vgabios.bin -- QEMU VGA BIOS ROMs for x86 : LGPL v2.1

(It's likely that more blobs may be added in future as QEMU's platform support expands, although hopefully mostly they will have GPLv2 licenses.)

I would be grateful if you could grant permission.

Peter Maydell (QEMU maintainer, Toolchain Working Group)

Request Type

Existing project under OSI approved license, therefore only Linaro TSC approval is required.


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