The Linaro Validation team would like to request TSC approval for a new project - Linaro Automated VAlidation (Lava). The purpose of this project is to create scripts intended for interacting with the automated validation farm we are establishing in Cambridge. This system will support automated scheduling, image deployment, and test execution on hardware supported by Linaro images.

This is mostly intended as an internal project, but there is nothing in it that should be considered confidential. It is not something intended to be shipped as part of the Linaro images, but it may be of use to members if they want to replicate a similar environment internally. It may also be useful for other open source projects, particularly those who are interested in automated deployment of similar systems for validation purposes.

If possible, I would like to request approval for GPL 3 license. The reason for this, is because there are some portions of GPL3 licensed code that we have worked on in the past, for projects such as abrek, that would be useful to reuse in this project. GPL terms would consider this a violation if we licensed this new project as EPL.

Thanks, Paul Larson

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