The graphics working group has undertaken a project to add EGL and OpenGL ES 2.0 support to the existing GLX and OpenGL portions of the compiz window manager and the nux toolkit.

One of the features of OpenGL that is omitted from OpenGL ES, and removed from later versions of OpenGL, is fixed-function vertex processing, which includes matrix stacks and transformations on those matrices. Both of these pieces of software, and many other extant OpenGL applications, rely on this functionality.

While ramping up on working group activities, I wrote a small template library that provides this functionality for just such a purpose. I would like permission to make this available under the MIT license for use in the work on these components (and possibly others in the future) as both compiz and nux are licensed under GPL, LGPL and MIT.

Thanks in advance,
Jesse Barker
Tech Lead, Graphics Working Group

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