The Linaro TSC is being requested to grant permission to release the QA Dashboard under the terms of the LGPL and AGPL licences.

The QA Dashboard is a tool that allows the test results provided by the Automated Test Framework to be displayed on a dashboard. It is comprised from a number of components, where the data collection resides on a server, and the visualisation components reside on the client.

It is recommended that the QA Dashboard client code is released under LGPL, and the QA Dashboard server code under AGPL. The QA Dashboard will not be shipped to end-users, nor will it ship on devices. It's users are intended to be Linaro members, such as the Working Groups, Landing Teams, Platform Teams, and possibly OEMs.

Currently this tool is not licensed, and the Linaro Infrastructure team are recommending the AGPLv3 licence ( for the server side of this product. The code used for the server has dependencies on a number of python components that are licensed with AGPL3 compatible licences.

The python code used for the client has a blend of different licences and versions, covering GPLv2, GPLv2+ and GPLv3. For this, the Linaro Infrastructure team are recommending the LGPLv2 licence (

QA Dashboard Code: Specification: Blueprint: TSC Request Page for this request:

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,

Ian Smith Project Manager (Linaro Infrastructure)

Request Type

New project with AGPL license, which is not one of the pre-approved licenses. Both TSC and Linaro Board approval are therefore required.


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