The Linaro TSC is being requested to grant permission to use LexBuilder to support the automated OS image builds under the terms of the AGPLv3 licence.

LexBuilder is a tool for automating the builds of an OS image and comprises four components: one to manage the builds; one to perform the builds; a web interface; and the build configurations. LexBuilder will be modified and used to by the Linaro team to facilitate the automated building of the different platform images.

LexBuilder will not be shipped to end-users - nor will it ship on devices. LexBuilder is designed to be hosted by Linaro or by a partner's landing team on their premises.

Canonical have selected the AGPLv3 licence ( to cover LexBuilder.

I would be grateful if you could grant permission.

Kind Regards,

Ian Smith Project Manager (Linaro Infrastructure)

Request Type

Pre-existing project with OSI-approved license, therefore only Linaro TSC approval is required.


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