Linaro Developer Summit, Budapest: TSC Meetings


These will be scheduled after the LDS tracks are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. TSC members should ensure that they have registered for the sessions that are important to them. Otherwise there is a danger that a TSC meeting will clash with one or more technical topics.


The following meetings will scheduled:

  • TSC Advisor meeting - 1 hour
  • TSC face to face - 2 hours
    • Agenda
      • Discuss requirements moving forward, engineering teams etc
      • Member agenda items (please submit)
      • Technical Recommendations
        • SMP LTR
      • AOB
  • TSC process changes - 1 hour
    • Licensing process - 1/2 hour
      • Recommend changes to the existing process (David)
    • Requirements Change Process 1/2 hour
      • Recommended process (Kiko)

Evening Meal

  • Wednesday @ 7pm
  • Venue: To Be Announced

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