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LTR <Insert Title Here>

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<In this section document the high level overview and rational as to why we need this. For example, "We believe that ARM based Linux distributions should be built using the Hard-float ABI and Thumb 2 because it will yield improved performance and application store compatibility.">

Success Criteria

<In this section document what things need to happen in order to call this LTR a success. Bullets are fine.>

Technical Details

<In this section document all of the deep technical details necessary to develop a case for your LTR. Include as available: comparative research, benchmarks, compiler options, which version of toolchain, which version of Kernel, etc. Also include actions you plan or recommend taking to achieve the success criteria.>

<Be sure to include any implementation details as needed.>

Approval section

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  • This LTR was agreed by the TSC on this date: <2011-01-01>

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