• David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
  • Kenneth (Huawei)
  • Kate Stewart (Product Management, Linaro)
  • George Grey (CEO, Linaro)
  • Berny Goodheart (Huawei)
  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Christian Bertin - (ST Micro)
  • Mark Hambleton (Broadcom)
  • Ziang Hu (Huawei)
  • Jon Masters (LEG Representative, Red Hat)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Fujitsu)

Guest Attendees

  • Serge Broslavsky (Project Manager, Power Management)
  • Matthew Gretton-Damm (Toolchain Lead, Linaro)
  • James Elliot (Project Manager, Toolchain)
  • Mark Orvek (EVP Engineering, Linaro)
  • Mark Brown (LSK Lead, Linaro)
  • Amit Kucheria (Power Management Lead, Linaro)
  • David Mandala (Linaro, Builds and Baseline)
  • Amit (Linaro)


  • Bill Mills (TI)




  • Roadmap Reviews
    • Power Management: (Amit)
      • Amit describes the epics in the roadmap
      • David - are the small task packing available now?
        • Amit - yes, against 3.11, will need reworking for expected scheduler changes
      • Natraja - what is the plan for big.LITTLE MP, what is the plan for this?
        • Amit - big.LITTLE MP enablement patches are being handled by the ARM Landing Team. Available as part of the LSK release.
      • Roger - what testing is powertop getting?
        • Amit - there's a simple test, we're generating tests that include power testing
        • ACTION: Kate to update Roger on the plans for including power measurement in testing
      • Christian - is there some documentation on powertop / powerdebug
        • Amit - there are wiki pages
        • ACTION: Amit to email details around the TSC
      • Berny - do you have any performance metrics so that we can do some comparisons with
        • Amit - specific to cpu_freq
        • Berny - no, overall results
        • ACTION: David to discuss with Berny
      • Roger - why does the IKS maintenance continue into 2014
        • Amit - because we promised to support this via LSK for 2 years
      • ACTION: David R to kick off a formal vote later today
    • Toolchain: (Matt)
      • Discussion on cadence of releases
      • General conclusion is that we have an automated monthly engineering release for ARMv8 as well as a 3 or 4 a year feature release
      • ACTION: David / Matt / Kate - work on this proposal
  • Follow up Actions from prior meetings
    • LSK Guidelines (Mark O.)
    • Security (Dave R.)
      • Have circulated the formal proposal, please vote.
    • Mobile roadmap (Dave R.)
      • Shared first thoughts, please give feedback. Anyone who hasn't seen this please ask for access.
    • Far eastern TSC attendees (Dave R.)
      • Far eastern companies rejected the idea of a pre-meeting, the TSC previously rejected alternating meeting times. I'm somewhat stuck now.
    • Other Pending Actions (Kate)
      • See below
  • AOB (Dave R.)
    • Some feedback on a proposed group







send out link to WIKI page and make sure it contains link to LSK git repository

Mark Brown

In progress


Request to all members to take current preview (13.07) and provide feedback during this phase, and make sure it meets the specific requirements. Please let Mark Orvek know if this does not suffice.


No feedback received by Mark since meeting. Closed


Mark Hambleton to send out email with requirements for power management in next week to help with power management deep dive discussions. Other members please contribute via email list.

Mark Hambleton

Done 2013/08/07 - Closed


Mark Brown to publish pointer to list with preview release

Mark Brown

Done 28 Aug


Mark Brown to add platforms formally to wiki page, card and also release.

Mark Brown

Pending discussion of platform inclusion criteria


Mark Brown to write up a blog on LSK, what it is, what it is not, how to use after preview review period is over.

Mark Brown

Still in preview review period - In progress


Kate to re-circulate the requirements document to the TSC, for review and highlighting of any missing comments.

Kate Stewart

Done 2013/08/07 - Closed


Kate and Fathi clarification in Toolchain CI Loop card on use of toolchain vs compiler terms




Fathi : clarify Model term in summary of builds. (Base and Foundation Models)

Fathi Boudra



Mark B: to have offline discussion with Aditya to discuss the most effective manner to add Arndale to LSK.

Mark Brown



Dave/Kate add to agenda at next face to face, TSC needs to establish a better policy on adding hardware platforms.


In progress for LCU-13


Fathi/Vishal to propose non TC2 solution for Android Build

Fathi Boudra

In progress, proposal to use Arndale and/or Panda


Fathi/Dave M: More details on what we are actually testing for hardware

Fathi Boudra



Kate to move 8/21 meeting to 8/28.

Kate Stewart

Kate lacked permissions on invite, David handled on return from vacation. Done. Closed.


TSC Members attending APM, please send email to Roger if you are interested in getting together for an informal event.




TSC Members to mail to Dave & Kate topic of interest and any ideas for summits by 8/14.


No specific topics received. Closed.


TSC Members to mail Dave and Kate by 8/28 if they want to participate in providing demos.


In progress


TSC Members to mail Kate if they have resources that can help with LAVA documentation


No emails received, investigating other options. Closed

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