• George Grey (CEO, Linaro)
  • Kate Stewart (Product Management, Linaro)
  • David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
  • Mark Hambleton (Broadcom)
  • Christian Bejram (ST Ericsson)
  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Mark Brown (Linaro)
  • David Zinnman (Linaro)
  • Jon Masters (LEG Representative, Red Hat)
  • Yakub (Linaro)
  • Bernie (Huawei / Hisilicon)
  • Kenneth (Huawei / Hisilicon)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Bill Mills (TI)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Fujitsu)

Guest Attendees



  • Actions from previous meetings
    • ACTION: David / Kate - Discussion on Chrome for Dublin (fits with mobile roadmap). Done. Added to the agenda.
    • ACTION: Need to get Broadcom alignment on LSK for Android before it goes into vote. Blocker. - In progress (CARD-653).
    • ACTION: CARD-212 Fathi: fix the description “big.LITTLE IKS being ported to v8”.
    • ACTION: Linaro joining LF. David to contact Jim Zemlin, come back with details etc. Ongoing via email.
    • ACTION: OpenJDK, CARD-520 - Jon to take back to LEG-SC, pinging Ilias for polishing. Highbank/Arndale aren’t ARMv8.
    • ACTION: 591 - Jon to do some wordsmithing.
    • ACTION: Kate to work with Jon to add Fedora 20 and add to roadmap. Need public link to point to.
    • ACTION: Fathi: Add planning card for Linaro stable kernel lane in Android. - In progress, (CARD-653)
    • ACTION: CARD-197 Kate, Khasim, Jakub - get new version drafted, loop back with ARM and with Grant Likely. CARD-197 is misleading.
    • ACTION: Bill, TI want to see Cortex-A8 included in regression testing. Kate & Matt - work with Bill for suggestions on the Cortex-A8.

    • ACTION: ARM to work with Kate / Matt on toolchain cards - In progress.
    • ACTION: David to circulate Connect committee meeting schedule - Done
  • Roadmap Status (Kate)
    • summary of votes to publish:
      • Graphics Roadmap: 10 yes, 2 abstain - Approved.
      • LAVA Roadmap: 9 yes, 3 abstain - Approved.
      • QA Roadmap: 11 yes, 1 abstain - Approved.
      • Virtualization Roadmap: 9 yes, 3 abstain - Approved.
    • pending:
      • Builds and Baselines: start vote if CARD-653 ok, based on discussion today
      • Power Management: reworking CARD-190, vote after discussion at next meeting
      • Android: reworking based on feedback, vote after discussion at next meeting
  • Kernel Roadmap Updates
    • Kernel Parity epic ( CARD-180 ) (Deepak)

    • Linaro Stable Kernel update to add Android LSK to B&B Roadmap (CARD-653) (Fathi/Mark)

      • ACTION: Kate to work with ARM to work out the set of patches to be applied to the LSK. Plus compiler etc.
      • Jon - need to have that LEG view on this
      • David Z - can confirm that it is the reference patch set for big.LITTLE (ARM patch set plus some fixes from Linaro).
      • Bernie - which version of Android for LSK.
        • George - decision needs to Greg's LTS decision, hope that aligns with Google's next release.
        • Bernie - asking because of compiler issues / versions
      • Jon - for the LSK, the initial version will not have 64 bit support
        • Deepak - just for ARMv7. Will add ARMv8 in 13.07.
          • Roger - who needs an ARMv8 LSK now?
            • Jon - see the need within 6 months
              • Bernie - second that
        • ACTION: will bring a card for ARMv8 LSK to the TSC after discussions with LEG
      • Aditya - if you take 3.9.4 and then add
        • George - the current solution is an interim solution, the real first LSK will be based on the next stable kernel from Greg KH.
        • Aditya - is Linaro working on the ARM beta patch set?
          • George - yes, but these are changing based on the upstream community
      • Roger - all about somewhere that's consolidated
  • AOB
    • Committee meeting plans for Dublin - David - I've circulated an updated agenda, comments welcome
    • TSC club representative - a candidate has come forward. Closing the list in a week.


Next Meeting

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