• David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
  • Bill Mills (TI)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Mark Hambleton (Broadcom)
  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Mark Orvek (Linaro)
  • Kate Stewart (Product Management, Linaro)
  • Jon Masters (LEG Representative, Red Hat)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Takehisa Katayama (Fujitsu)
  • Ziang Hu (Huawei)

Guest Attendees

  • George Grey (CEO, Linaro)
  • Matt Gretton-Dan (Linaro)
  • Serge (Linaro)
  • Fathi (Linaro)


  • Christian Bejram - ST Ericsson



  • Actions:
    • Graphics
      • Proposal is to take ARM's input (Paul Newby), Tom, Paul and Kate discussing.
        • Will restart email from the TSC and reissue the roadmap (assuming yes)
    • LAVA - formal vote delayed slightly
      • LG Electronics inputs missing, setting up a meeting with LG Electronics
      • Nataraja - ACTION: will coordinate LG Elec
      • Will bring to a vote shortly
    • Power management
      • Replacing Card 190 with three cards, drafting in progress
      • Will add the cards to the roadmap and formally vote on them in the TSC by email
      • Should be within a week or two
    • QEMU relicensing - carried
    • GCC support - CARD-341 - carried (7 yes, 2 no)
      • ARM - would like to see the wording reworked, let's keep it in Linaro until the changes
      • ACTION: Kate / Matt to propose changes to the card to Roger / Marcus (ARM)
  • Initial discussion on compiler benchmarking performance (Kate / Matt)
    • Looking for member input on key directions
    • ACTION: could members nominate experts to input into this
  • Roadmap
    • Sign off Virtualization Roadmap

      • ACTION: send email to TSC for a formal vote on Virtualization
    • Sign off Quality Assurance Roadmap

      • Aditya: what is the difference between the IKS and MP test suites?
      • Roger: I thought that they were both the same
      • ACTION: go away and check and report back to the TSC
      • Roger: no cards to extend the hardware cover in LAVA
        • Kate: that's in the LAVA roadmap. It's mapped as incorporating new hardware into LAVA
      • Roger: is the QA team responsible for out of box testing, if not who is?
      • David: which box? Roger: LEB for Arndale, for example?
      • Kate: QA team is reponsible
        • David: how do I report a bug, public can report bugs
      • Roger: how do I found out what our test coverage is?
        • M: we produce results as a spreadsheet, but no real coverage feature by feature
        • Roger: should we do something there?
        • M: would have to cover release features with test cases
      • ACTION: consider coverage David / Kate
      • ACTION: will push out for an email vote
  • Roadmaps (Kate)
    • We still have the Builds&Baselines and Android roadmaps to consider

    • After that we will be looking at a core roadmap made up of epics
    • ARMv8 version to follow
  • AOB
    • Suggest future discussion on ARMv8 mobile (Mark Hambleton)
      • Mark: we're maybe missing an epic or two that's missing some requirements
        • Need to ensure that LEG / LNG ARMv8 requirements map well into ARMv8 mobile requirements
        • Mark: could have a Linaro private ARMv8 roadmap, publishing is an issue
        • Mark: what are the gaps that we're filling in in Linaro
        • Bill: supportive of Mark's suggestions. Groups using their own resourcing, so cannot just add more requirements onto the same team, need to add more resources.
        • Mark: agree, if we ask for extra things, then we need to fund the effort
        • Suggestion - let's have some discussions in Connect

Next Meeting

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