• David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
  • Christian Bejram - ST Ericsson
  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Kate Stewart (Linaro)
  • Bernie (Huawei)

Guest Attendees

  • George Grey (CEO, Linaro)
  • David Zinmann (Linaro)
  • Mark Orvek (Linaro)

Not attending

  • Matt Locke (TI)




  • Introductions from new folks, Kate and David
  • big.LITTLE project update
    • Slide 2: Deliverables
      • Roger: Software emulation - who's using it and what are they using it for?
        • David: the community? Roger: can we track this? David: no [ACTION: check into tracking downloads of this emulation]
        • Nataraja: are there any plans to do this in Qemu? DavidR: no, all Qemu plans are aligned around KVM and ARMv8
      • Faster Hotplug - DavidR: is that upstreamed? David: yes, or nearly.
    • Slide 3: described in epic card 190.
      • Problems with accessing Jira cards. Card 190 is open.
      • ACTION: DavidR - sort out account access to Jira for each member, including in-progress and member only cards
    • Slide 4: big.LITTLE MP Roadmap Cards
    • Slide 5: blueprints
      • Christian: will there be a release v13? David: yes, monthly releases
      • Christian: are you trying to upstream this bit by bit, or waiting until everything at once?
        • DavidR: we upstream as they come in.
        • Mark: can, in some cases put framework code in quickly and then build on it.
    • ACTION: Roger / David / DavidR - review delivery dates
    • ACTION: Roger / David / DavidR - review document plans
    • IKS Milestones
      • Stabilize IKS on TC2 not quite done. Benchmarking takes priority, in the development team plus the validation folks
    • Firmware pending from ARM, need to test on our side
      • End of this week or so.
      • Power State Coordination Interface. Includes, secure, non-secure, hypervisor.
  • Actions from last week
  • AOB
    • none, close.






Close outs from 2012I3 (engineering runnint until last Connect):

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