• David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Christian Bejram - ST Ericsson
  • Ziang Hu - Huawei
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Bernard Goodheart (Huawei)


  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Matt Locke (TI)

Guest Attendees

  • George Grey (CEO, Linaro)
  • Loic Minier (Linaro)
  • Andrea Gallo (Linaro, LEG)



  • Update on LEG. Andrea.
  • Actions from the last meeting
  • Roadmap
    • Cards discussions (see below)
    • Planning. Update on Android and big.LITTLE plans
  • AOB






  • Andrea - update on LEG
    • Challenges
      • A wide mixture of members, from operating systems to end customers
      • A new team that needs to be brought up to speed as a committee
    • Working on the roadmap
      • Have a spreadsheet and a list of work item (these map to cards in Jira)
      • Some are epic, some smaller tasks
      • Work items sorted by area by quarter, via a spreadsheet. Slides will be a prettier representation of that
    • Ramping up on engineers
      • Already some from ARM, Red Hat, Samsung, Linaro
    • Weekly steering committee meeting notes (see

    • Face to face meetings in the last connect
      • Defined a few short term priorities for the next Connect
        • boot UEFI + ACPI on an ARMv7 - first card, in Jira now, will be public later
        • Looking at a list of tuning work that will come out of the distributions, Red Hat and Ubuntu
        • KVM support to the above image, not drafting a card right now, working with the toolchain team to work out how to do this work
    • Aditya
      • Clarification on the cards been drafted. Andrea clarified.
      • Andrea: we are planning for a UEFI mini sprint in Cambridge the second week in December
      • We've set up an open and public Linaro enterprise emailing list
      • Considering in LEG to mainly use cards rather than blueprints; that is completely within Jira.
  • Actions from the last meeting(s)
    • Common Panel Framework
      • ACTION: need to add this to our roadmap (Loic). Aditya - been renamed as Common Display Framework. ONGOING.
        • ACTION: David to talk to Jesse / Mark and get a brief explanation out to the TSC
      • ACTION: send information about the common panel framework to the TSC (Mark) - DONE
    • Single kernel Demo (Kernel Consolidation Demo at Connect)
      • ACTION: Mark to circulate which boards are supported in the demo - DONE
        • ARM Versatile Express and Freescale i.MX6
    • In kernel switcher (IKS)
      • ACTION: Mark to introduce Nataraja to Dave Martin and Nico - DONE
    • Engineering Builds
      • ACTION: presentation from Asac on the new build classes / purposes etc? Add to Thursday's agenda. - DONE
      • ACTION: add Alexander's slides (David) - DONE
      • ACTION: Roger and Alexander talk to produce for all members. (Roger / Alexander), ONGOING
      • ACTION: Mark to define how the kernel maintainers describe what they wish to build and test - ONGOING
    • big.LITTLE update
      • ACTION: add slides from Ilias (David) - DONE
      • ACTION: Send checkpoint list to the TSC - DONE, David check
      • ACTION: Drivers are blocking on testing, who owns them and what's happening, ONGOING
      • ACTION: IKS plans, when do we know when we're done
    • General
      • ACTION: Ask Jeff to come to TSC and describe how Intel interacts with AMD - DONE
  • Cards pushed back, 2012I4, complete before 02/2013
  • New cards
  • Update on Android and big.LITTLE plans
    • Hope to bring big.LITTLE plans to the TSC's next meeting
  • AOB
    • None.


Cards pushed back from 2012I3 to 2012I4

New cards for 2012I4

Next Meeting

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