• David Rusling (CTO, Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Matt Locke (TI)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Nataraja K Muniyappa (LG Electronics)
  • Christian Bejram - ST Ericsson

Guest Attendees

  • Bernard Goodheart (Huawei)
  • Alexander (Linaro)
  • Ilias (Linaro)
  • Philippe Robin (ARM)



  • 2:00 - 2:30 - Interacting with Intel
  • 2:30 - 3:00 - Alexander, build system discussion
  • 3:00 - 3:30 - Ilioas / Mark - overview of the big.LITTLE program
  • 3:30 - 4:00 - AOB
    • Cortex-A7 / Cortex-A15 / big.LITTLE compiler tuning
    • Samsung A15 platform build types?
    • Tools - v5 platform testing to avoid breakages?


  • Discussion on interacting with Intel, not minuted
  • Engineering builds (Asac) - Linaro Engineering Builds for WGs - LCE12-TSC.pdf

    • ACTION: add Alexander's slides (David)
    • 3 reasons for building things; ensuring engineering efficiency, solve real problems with real products (so need product like testing), proving that the technology works. Need a common engineering baseline for efficient engineering.
    • concept of a 'test head' evolved into an LEB (Linaro Engineering Build)
      • very difficult to build for all member platforms, for all platforms for all engineering teams (failure to scale)
      • Confusion with products
      • Conflict between working on the tip of the kernel and a stable baseline
      • Really do need two flavours of build, member builds (optional) and engineering builds (serves the working groups)
      • Roger: what engineering build should the tools group use?
      • Roger: can I have one slide on what we can have as an member build?
        • ACTION: Roger and Alexander talk to produce for all members. (Roger / Alexander)
    • ACTION: come back with the process improvements and rollout (Alexander)
      • Includes: ACTION: adding new engineering builds as part of new 'heavy lifting' projects?, what's the process
      • Include a worked example.
      • ACTION: Mark to define how the kernel maintainers describe what they wish to build and test
  • big.LITTLE plan update / overview - b.L MP status.pdf

    • ACTION: add slides from Ilias (David)
    • ACTION: Send checkpoint list to the TSC (Done)
    • ACTION: Drivers are blocking on testing, who owns them and what's happening
    • ACTION: IKS plans, when do we know when we're done
  • Tools - v5 platform testing to avoid breakages?
    • Discussion
    • As long it's not too much work. Don't do too much work to support this.
    • Choose whatever is minimal effort, suggest v5 for community (ARM926), v6K (ARM1176) for product reasons, versatile, open embedded
    • ACTION: Alexander to
  • ACTION: David to add Bernie to the calendar, meeting as the interim Huawei TSC representative

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