• David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Kiko (Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Matt Locke (TI)
  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)

Guest Attendees




  • Actions from the last meeting
    • Better interaction with AOSP / Android - ongoing, we (Linaro) have proposals that we will share shortly
    • TSC attendance
      • Kiko: Working groups are where the deep technical discussion is
      • Roger: TSC is where strategic discussion happens
      • David: let's keep the TSC attendance as is, but we are free to invite a wider audience to particular topic
    • UEFI - how will this be coordinated between LEG and Linaro?
      • LEG will do the main, core engineering
      • Linaro will do the validation, platform
      • Aditya: how will we organise the platform pieces of UEFI?
        • David: suggest that we create the equivalent of uefi-soc maybe as a staging area or as the official ARM upstream
      • Roger: would help to read the specifications and think
        • ACTION: David - circulate PDFs of the LEG and LNG outline requirements to the TSC
        • ACTION: Loic - make the LEG cards visible to the TSC members whose companies are in leg-sc
    • HSA - ongoing
    • TrustZone - George will give feedback

    • Roadmap - delayed a little
  • Review cards (see list below)
    • Discussion of the cards
    • Attendance at OPSCOM low, no members
    • Last one Tuesday 31st July 2012
    • David: can I ask for better member attendance
  • Virtual Connect (Kiko)
  • AOB
    • Missions update (David)
      • Could circulate rough draft to the TSC - ACTION: David to circulate a rough draft
      • Next steps are to set up discussions with the TSC
    • LEG / LNG Update (David)
    • Next meeting - suggest we drop it as it clashes with the APM






Next Meeting

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