• David Rusling (Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Matt Locke (TI)
  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)

Guest Attendees

  • George Grey (Linaro)
  • Joe Bates (Linaro)
  • Raj Murali (Samsung)
  • Thomas Choi (Samsung)
  • Philippe Robin (ARM)



Meeting held as part of members meeting in Bangalore to:

  • Agree big.LITTLE tests plan
  • Discuss David's proposed missions given member meeting input
  • Roadmap plan
  • AOB






Propose Android camp around a theme in MountainView



Discuss integrating tests for LAVA for landing teams: CARRIEDOVER



Think about posting new cards to the TSC list or some new alias



  • All agreed that big.LITTLE deep tests for in-kernel migration (switcher) and MP remain on member private git tree and not opened up. Test results can be open.
  • ACTION: Roger/George to create build for AOSP proposal (toolchain & Android builds) - 2-3 slides on benefits and costs

  • Discussion on Linux Trustzone drivers for TEE/secure OS based on Global Platform APIs. Before making decision on whether this (STE may have technology to contribute, Samsung interested) and/or open source minimal secure OS/TEE work is something Linaro should do to be made after George discusses ARM's position with Ian Drew. ACTION: George at next board meeting.
  • ARMv8 is a mission. What and when? Roger produced straw-man for kernel/toolchain work and Android-64 for the roadmap. Members to consider - TSC agenda item or whole meeting specifically on this issue soon. ACTION: David
  • Aditya to bring Samsung proposal to TSC next meeting for additional member engineering representation (maybe listen only) on TSC meetings. ACTION: Aditya
  • Linaro committed next draft of Roadmap to be delivered within 2 weeks. ACTION: George/Loic. Members requested:
    • Look back one quarter
    • Show Achieved/Committed/Planned
    • Show milestones for deliverables and for when targeted for upstream
    • Categorize by mission?
  • Discussion and work on fleshing out top level missions. David's slides to be emailed to TSC as working draft. Linaro to use as input for Roadmap
  • Possible roadmap interest/graphics mission around HSA. More data needed. ACTION: David to arrange presentation to TSC by Greg @ AMD


Next Meeting

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