• Kiko (Linaro)
  • Roger Teague (ARM)
  • Paul McKenney (IBM)

  • Andrea Gallo (ST-Ericsson)
  • Aditya Sharma (Samsung)
  • Kumar Gallo (TI)
  • Paul Kline (Freescale)


  • David Rusling (Linaro) - on holiday, George covering

Guest Attendees


Agenda (George to chair)

  • Actions from the last meeting (George)
  • Request for AOB items (George)
  • Review of Roadmap Changes (Loic)
    • See below
  • big.LITTLE update (Kiko)
  • Upstream patch tracking (Kiko)
  • LAVA (Roger)
  • Agenda for the next meeting (18th April 2012), in addition to actions and roadmap review, suggestions are:
    • Strategic directions - come with slides suggesting key areas of work for the next 6 - 12 months
      • For example, 64 bit bring up activities
  • AOB (George)


  • ACTION review:
  • Roadmap changes:
      • Want feedback on card
      • Many of the key pieces in the card are now implemented
      • Aditya, Roger fine with the card
  • big.LITTLE update
    • Kiko discussed general status of switcher and MP work
    • ARM reference switcher, Linaro in-kernel switcher, MP
    • MP will be in phases - Amit is tech lead for project
    • Discussion on member early access to big.LITTLE work - continue at next face to face meeting
    • ACTION David to circulate bL plan and Connect meetings for MP
  • Upstream patch tracking: move to postpone wider discussion to next week, but covered the overall goal and intent of project
  • Roger: LEBs for Versatile. Discussion on member LEB usage
    • George indicated Versatile was getting LEB status
    • Members will be getting materials on plans for Linaro builds, LT builds and LEBs by HK Connect
  • ACTION: collect slides from members for long-term work they'd like to see added on the Roadmap
  • ACTION: Deferred request from Samsung (Aditya) on enterprise plans update for next meeting (David)






  • Estimated-Quarter: 2012Q1
  • Url:

  • Status: Most core changes complete, jobs can be marked as private, permissions in views can be managed based on launchpad team. Bundle streams are currently being transitioned to owned streams in preparation for making them private.
  • Requested-Action: approve new card for 2012Q1

Next Meeting

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